Jul 27, 2011

Sterling silver – fast facts

Sterling silver is not same as that of the silver. Sterling silver is in fact not at all a pure metal like silver. Silver in its finest pure form is actually the lustrous and non-reactive kind of 100 percent silver metal. The purity would be somewhere higher than the order of about 99.9 percentages. The percentage of purity to the second and third decimals after 99.9 determines the different grades of silver metal. It all solely depends upon the type of ore from which the particular metal is obtained. Certain parts of Argentina have such high quality ores of silver the argentite. The ore itself is sold out for high prices to different parts of the world.

The ore will be separated from its impurities through the process of high temperature melting in a crucible furnace. The quality of ore that is obtained from different regions of the earths crust will determine the purity of the silver that is obtained after the smelting process. In addition, there are different ways to extract the metal out of the ore. It is the process of extraction that will determine the purity levels of the higher order.

The purest forms of gold or silver metals are not malleable or ductile enough. It is not softer to design them into desired shapes. Under such circumstances, making commercial utilities out of these special kinds of metals becomes an impossible aspect. It is for these reasons, mild concentration of the impurities are added on to the silver metal. When you add on certain kind of impurities such as the copper, steel, iron, zinc, magnesium, boron, silicon and so on, the impurities proportion will actually determine the physical as well as chemical properties of the particular kind of silver.

Experts in the trade and chemical engineers do make up the right proportions that are meant to be suitable for a particular kind of application. Aircraft industry, aerospace shuttle manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile industry, and even the dental sciences field employ the silver. The particular grades of silver that is suitable for different applications of such a kind will be accordingly made with suitable proportion of impurities. Sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver bracelets are commercially cheaper and available in different range of prices according to the grades of silver employed in the specific sterling silver jewelry. Even sterling silver earrings and studs are available in the market that is quite affordable enough and still last longer in their glitter and shine.

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