May 31, 2011

Sterling Silver Jewelry Expresses Your Style

There are many people that look for unique pieces of jewelry that gives a statement of their personality. Gold-based jewelry offers options, but because of the cost of gold in today’s economy, the pieces can be quite expensive. Along with the price, gold is a soft metal. The higher the karat, the softer and more breakable or bendable it is. In addition, the higher karat gold is exponentially more expensive. However, silver jewelry allows for style, personal expression and cost savings in adding to your jewelry collection. With the strength of the metal, it is more durable than gold jewelry and is less expensive, allowing you to budget more to obtain personally created jewel pieces that have more meaning.

Sterling silver jewelry has a variety of applications, only limited by the imagination of the person that designs or uses it. If used on a daily basis, such items as rings, earrings, necklaces, belt buckles, and riveted designs on clothing are easily created. Adding different gemstones to these applications shows even more personality and adds to the value of the silver jewelry that the person displays to all. With the versatility of sterling silver jewelry, the applications seem endless.

Another idea is to include silver jewelry in wedding plans, implanting sterling silver jewelry on a wedding gown and a matching tuxedo for the bride and groom, as well as bridesmaid gowns and groomsmen tuxedos in most traditional weddings. The bride’s veil may also be embedded with silver jewelry for more glamour and style in her wardrobe selection. In addition, using table coverings that are embedded with the silver jewelry to add sparkle under lowered lighting that normally occurs expresses the glamour of the occasion.

Sterling silver jewelry is also for common purposes, such as expressing belief in religions, politics or causes that have meaning to the silver jewelry wearer. For example, a sterling silver jewelry chain with a charm that represents a loved one’s birthday or a token of a memorable event expresses who you are to others. The jewelry expresses what is important to you, with the durability to be worn day after day. In making a choice in jewelry purchases, one must consider the amount of time it will be worn, what the jewelry piece expresses, as well as the budget in purchasing or designing a jewelry piece. If you intend to wear or use the piece daily, silver jewelry may be the option to consider for its strength, versatility, and beauty.

May 29, 2011

Shopping for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Due to rising gold prices, many shoppers are now looking at silver jewelry as a less expensive option in collecting or gifting jewelry. Some find that the color of sterling silver jewelry lends a different style in accessorizing their wardrobe while not draining their finances. For gifting purposes the jewelry shows the same brilliance and sophistication as other precious metals. However, the savvy shopper for silver jewelry should watch for certain key points in order to get good value from the jewelry purchase as well as the exceptional style from the jewelry.

First is to be sure of the proportions of other metals in sterling silver jewelry. A common additive is copper, but the proportion should be low to allow for strength in the metal. If the content of copper is too high, the metal takes on more of a yellow or reddish tint in color, degrading the attractiveness of the silver jewelry. Nichol is another additive that comes into play since it is less expensive, prompting some metal manufacturers to degrade the sterling silver jewelry by passing it off as a pure grade of sterling silver jewelry. However, the degradation of the metal causes some people to have adverse reactions to wearing the jewelry, causing skin conditions or swelling in the area where the jewelry is worn.

The purest form of sterling silver jewelry has only a content of silver with a minor portion of copper for strength. Choosing a reputable jeweler to purchase from, as opposed to a road-side stand or discount chain store, may be the best option to obtain true silver jewelry. On the other hand, if you can find a reputable hobbyist or businessperson that designs their own sterling silver jewelry, you may find some unique pieces with one-of-a-kind designs and adornments, such as a multiple selection of gemstones or personalized designs.

The biggest tip in shopping for sterling silver jewelry is to closely inspect the jewelry, and be sure there is a return policy in case you find that it is not satisfactory. Once the silver jewelry is purchased, it may be a good idea to have a professional jeweler other than the seller inspect it for the silver content as well as appraise any precious gems that are a part of the item. Even though the investment in sterling silver jewelry is less than gold jewelry, it is still “buyers beware” as with any purchase you make. Take the same precautions you would for any major purchase.

May 26, 2011

How Sustainable Cities Work

Ever heard of a city so eco friendly that it actually has a positive impact on the environment? If the answer is no, then you may not yet know what sustainable cities are. These are cities are designed with the sole aim of producing a positive environmental impact and as a consequence helping the planet. Inhabitants would use less energy meaning cities will no longer rely on various devices that are harmful to the environment. Aside from lower energy use, there would also be less consumption of food and water. Air pollution would be prevented by the fact there would be less contaminants, such as Carbon Dioxide and methane, in the air. In reality, a sustainable city would not depend heavily on the countryside because it can generate tons of organic food for itself every year. With the soil then free from contaminants, it can sustain a lot of fruit and vegetables without resorting to the use of pesticides or other harmful substances.

Ecological stability is the key to an eco-friendly green city. People living in such a city would be using materials that do not harm the earth. A smaller population would be required to ensure the ecosystem remains balanced. Rather than using inorganic substances such as DDTs, farmlands would be using compost-based materials. Everyday products would then be recycled or converted from waste into durable energy sources. The smaller number of harmful substances in the atmosphere means the ozone layer would be less affected, which in turn would diminish the immediate threat of climate change. The fact that energy would be generated from waste materials means there would no longer be a need for new nuclear power plants and dams to be built. Solar and wind power can provide a clean and healthy power alternative. This would be one of the key concepts for sustainable development.

Filtration would be the key for maintaining cleaner water sources and supplies. Because waste is purposefully recycled, it would not be left in rivers or streams, therefore ensuring purer water supplies flowing throughout the smart city. There would be no need to mix chemicals like chlorine with the water as underground sources would already be clean
enough for consumption. Meanwhile trees would also act as extra filters removing any remnants or waste. Through recycling, proper handling of waste and the prevention of pollution, wastewater management would no longer be needed.

May 25, 2011

How to Keep Your Silver Jewelry Shiny

Many people at times avoid buying silver jewelry because they fear that it may lose its shininess and become dull. Silver jewelry is really shiny and glossy especially when it is brand new. Just like any other jewelry, the glossiness can fade due to dirt and everyday wear, but below are some ways that you can use so that you always keep your silver jewelry shiny.

First of all you must make sure that you store your jewelry well. It is always advised to store each piece separately, as when they are put together, they tend to rub against each other and become scratched. Remember scratched silver will always lose its beauty.

Mind what you use to clean your silver jewelry. Do not just reach out for any cloth within your reach to clean your silver jewelry. Always use a jewelry cloth. These are normally made up of double sheets of cloth where one is cotton and special chemicals added to the other to help your silver look brand new once you have wiped them with it. If you do not have access to a jewelry cloth, I would advise that you use a 100% cotton cloth to wipe your silver jewelry.

Some people fear wearing their silver jewelries in dusty places because the dust will remain on the jewelry and then, when you clean it, they will become scratched. This is true, because all you do at the end of the day is get a cloth and wipe the dirt off. Do not do that again. Here is what you should do. Get your silver jewelry and put it under running water from a tap, or just use a jar and pour water over it so that the sand particles are washed away. Then get your 100% cotton cleaning cloth and wipe your silver jewelry dry. This way your silver jewelry will not be scratched, because the sand particles that causes the scratching will be removed.

Make sure you do not leave or store it in a moist place. This is because moisture tarnishes silver jewelry, so always keep them dry. When you are wearing your silver jewelry, try not to apply perfume and body lotions, as they will decrease the shine and darkens the jewelry.

Keeping your silver jewelry shiny all the time is really not hard. All you need to do is take good care of it. If you follow the methods in this article, you should be able to keep your sterling silver jewelry shiny as well.

May 24, 2011

How To Avoid Buying Counterfeit Sterling Silver Jewelry

You may often walk into a shop to buy a product but, deep down, you wonder if what you are going to pay for is really the original product, especially as it is hard to tell when it comes to jewelry. As there is such a lot of counterfeit jewelry on the market today, I have listed some clues to help you buy genuine sterling silver jewelry so that you do not become a victim.

1. Look for the number 925 stamped on the item, because this means 92.5% silver and therefore is genuine sterling; or the stamped word “sterling” that also means the jewelry was really made of sterling. By Law the maker must mark the jewelry with either of the above. Products without these markings are rarely genuine sterling silver jewelry.

2. Get a soft, white piece of cloth and rub what you want to buy with it. If there are some black marks on your cloth, then know that it is genuine sterling silver jewelry. This is because genuine silver jewelry oxidizes and tarnishes, especially when exposed to air, so the tarnish is what remains on the cloth.

3. Buy from an established dealer. This is because it is hard for an established dealer to sell fake products. You could also consider the dealer giving you a written guarantee and ask if the product comes with a certification tag, but that should not stop you from checking the markings.

4. Take your time and examine the product carefully. Original silver is normally less shiny than silver plate. Look closely and, if you see parts where it appears to have worn, then the product is probably fake sterling silver jewelry.

5. You can also consider asking an expert to do a nitric acid test. Here you vigorously rub a particular portion of the jewelry then, in an area which is not noticeable, try to apply a drop of nitric acid on the scratched surface. If the liquid turns green then you know it is fake, but if it turns grey then you have got sterling silver jewelry.

6. One of the ways to know whether a product is really original is by the price. If you go to the market and an item has a low price, you should know that the item is probably not genuine. Why would someone sell an expensive item cheaply, unless they stole it or it is a fake.

With these few clues I do not think you can be fooled to purchase an item of fake sterling silver jewelry. Just make sure at least one of the above is true before you hand over your money.

May 22, 2011

Become A Silver Jewelry Expert And Know The Types

Today silver jewelry is becoming more popular day by day and wherever you walk, in one way or another you will always come across silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is made out of the precious metal silver. Silver jewelry is shiny and is crafted in a variety of designs to fit different tastes. Below are the five popular types of silver on the market. Read them and become a silver jewelry expert, especially if you are thinking of joining that line of business - or just for fun.

1. The first type of silver jewelry is the pure silver jewelry made out of pure silver. What we call pure silver is 99.9% pure. It is ideal for the handmade crafting of silver jewelry like earrings and necklaces, due to its softness thus being made into intricate patterns. Apart from being soft, it is also very glossy.

2. The sterling silver jewelry follows pure silver jewelry. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure and is harder if compared to pure silver jewelry. Genuine sterling jewelry will always have ‘925’ engraved on it or the word ‘sterling’ stamped on it. Jewelry without either of these two tags is rarely genuine sterling silver jewelry. In most cases it is used for making ornaments due to its hardness by using techniques like engraving, chasing or inlaying.

3. Silver gemstone jewelry. It is actually silver but, due to the use of gems like emeralds, amethysts, rubies, sapphires, pearls and topaz, it has earned itself the name of silver gemstone jewelry. The gemstones add elegance and value to the silver.

4. German silver jewelry, also known as Alpaca silver, is another type. It is very strong and corrosion resistant, but it has a combination of copper, nickel and zinc. Due to the nickel content in German silver, it is not used to make jewelry that can be worn on the skin, as many people are allergic to it, so it is mostly used for decorative ornaments.

5. The last is oxidized silver jewelry. The oxidization is deliberately done to give it a dark and austere look. This may sound weird to you, but the appearance achieved by oxidization renders an attractive quality to the silver ornament. If you are the type who likes new and unconventional designs, then oxidized silver jewelry is the way to go.

Now you know all the kinds of silver jewelry and what is best for each purpose, don’t be cheated any more.

May 19, 2011

Several Useful Applications for laptops

Your netbook may well be efficient at first once you have acquired it but can be enhanced with the right applications. These can be installed easily onto laptop computers and often at very little cost. Messenger applications are becoming increasingly popular and there are various versions available online. Some of these are website-based and can be opened by using a web browser while others require independent installation onto your computer. Using these different applications it is now possible to, among other things, chat with friends and family or interact with other web surfers. Some also provide conference call facilities. If you do not know how to install messenger, you can just easily get portable versions which are also free and can easily be downloaded at a variety of websites and forums.

Aside from being able to use Messenger, your PC can now be turned into a HD TV. This can be done through television streaming software used for watching shows and movies online. There are actually two types of television application; the first of these is website streaming where you need to log in to a main site in order to watch, the second type is free streaming. The latter uses direct web links to facilitate watching content and you can move from one channel to the next and watch a whole variety of content easily using your computer. In order for it to work like an HDTV Televisions your computer first of all needs to be configured correctly and a fast Internet connection is needed. It is also worth remembering that not all television-based applications are free. So the more channels you want ultimately to have available on your computer, the more likely you will need to pay to acquire the necessary software and applications required for streaming.

If you prefer wiling your time away playing games then a wide array of such distractions can also be downloaded straight onto your laptops. Once again, these come under two main categories. The first is flash-based games, which can only if you have downloaded the necessary plugin. These can be played either via your Internet browser or they can run independently, depending on their coding. The other option is GUI based games which use video cards rather than plugins. To play these type of games, a computer with HDTV and video capabilities and a powerful processor are needed

Useful Info about Green City

A green city is a metropolis built in an eco-friendly manner through the use of renewable energy resources and other natural resources within the same city. Such a city is also known as a smart city or sustainable city.

In recent times, many researchers have been looking into various ways of how to make urban settlements sustainable. Many mayors and city leaders are seeking better ways of making their cities green. Many strategies are usually formed and involved in the process. There are sustainable development policies to be engaged in order to realize better results. Many great thinkers and leaders have come up with useful strategies to employ in the establishment of sustainable cities. Lots of research into the matter is still ongoing. The future is indeed very bright for the green city agenda.

The establishment of a green city is possible through diverse means. There must be the conscious improvement of air flow in such a city. The over dependence on artificial air conditioning systems must be minimized as much as possible. In its place, natural means of ventilation should be encouraged. This is usually possible through the planting of big trees and the erection of quality green houses.

Green building plans are usually followed in order to erect aesthetically appealing buildings that can improve the environment. There are certain well defined processes to follow for the erection of such green houses. In order to realize the goal of building a green city, the use of non-renewable energy resources must be minimized or, if possible, discouraged entirely. In its place, renewable energy sources available in the city should be tapped.

Proper land usage is very important in the establishment of a green city. Optimal use of natural resources should be encouraged in the erection of green homes and offices. There should also be the establishment of green streets and spaces.

Again, eco-friendly transportation systems must be put in place. There should be the creation of road networks adorned with green and eco-friendly elements. Proper pedestrian bridges and lanes must be built on the high ways. Double lane roads must also be created. This helps in reducing large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions coming from vehicles. Automobile accidents can also be drastically reduced when eco-friendly roads are built.

Sustainable development is very possible in the establishment green cities when the use of alternative fuel systems is encouraged. Such fuels include hydroelectric, solar, wind, biomass and geothermal. These are all eco-friendly.

Finally, proper waste management is vital for the establishment of a green city. Various waste recycling programs and waste management policies must be put in place. If all these points discussed above are implemented, a green city can be built. However, it demands determination and proper planning by the experts involved.

Silver jewelry, reveals a woman’s beauty inside out

Are there still people owning big hearts? Socialists often say that people are rude and as harmful as the lion. As of today people claims that big hearts never ever existed and tend to forget all the traits of a good man. That will all be the reason why people believe that it is so hard to be humble.

If you do good, in the eyes of people you are bad, if you do bad then you are still bad. What a worst scenario. If there are people who have good hearts, they are maybe few. From the view of Christians, conceit or vanity is the root of all your bad habits or actions. It is your token to fantasize for drugs, money and fame. Nevertheless, what is this all about if you have diamonds, gold and silver if you are rugs in the eye of God and in the eye of the law? Be good, this is all what you hear from parents and priest or preachers in the church. Anyway, all they teach is not for their own, it is all for everyone’s sake to prosper.

Many reports from the media tale about people winning lotteries and other raffle draws who get rich instantly but after few years, they turned beggars and penniless. It is because they got hooked by gold digger women and strip all the wealth they have. Women are said to be the man’s failure. This is the reason why women are less superior to a man. Women are just beauty and born to serve men. They must wear fine clothing and are adorned with silver jewelry to please their husband. Thus, women must wear silver jewelry and stunning diamonds just to reveal their beauty that shines under these perfectly shape stones.

Sometimes, a man makes use of silver ring, bracelet or necklace as a present to his beloved ones (mother, sister, and wife). Centuries tell that silver are best things to beautify women. In some aspects, sterling silver jewelry is not the woman’s beauty but it is her heart and deeds. The woman from Mexico becomes the headliner of all the newspaper because she brought the world’s number one silver jewelry she found at the mall’s restroom to the trusted news media in their country. She never thought of owning the expensive jewelry, rather she did what she think is right. She is not attractive yet she got a good heart that made her beautiful inside and out!

May 18, 2011

Things to remember when Acquiring Laptops

Were you aware that your laptop can actually be turned into an HD TV? It is true; with the right programs and the right hardware your netbook or notebook can now do virtually anything. You simply need to check on some of the basic capabilities of your computer and find which features and applications to use. So before you buy a laptop, there are several things you need to bear in mind. Firstly, what is the capability of the computer’s hardware? The processor is all important. If it is too slow, you will not be able to speed it up through the installation of new components, so find out the speed of your laptops via the properties panel, which can be found in the My Computer folder. Your vendor will also be able to tell you the processor speed.

Another factor to consider when buying a laptop or netbook is the amount of Random Access Memory, or RAM it has. This is essential for opening applications and services. and if you think a computer has insufficient RAM you can ask your vendor to install new DDR chipsets. You also need to check the computer’s video card and specifically whether it has an HDTV capability. If the answer is yes, then you can use your netbook as a DVD player or as a streaming for watching movies. Your video card can also allow you to play a variety of games on your portable PC, but it is important to remember to deploy a fan when playing, as laptop computers are prone to overheating. Also, try to avoid games that use a lot of virtual memory as this can end up seriously damaging your computer’s components.

The final thing to look out for when buying a laptop is the USB and Memory card ports. Check if there are any additional ports, around 4 or 5 USB is ideal so that you can plug in an optical mouse, a rubber keyboard, some memory sticks and your fan. You should also check if your netbook has MMC and SD card ports. These allow you to connect other types of memory sticks on your computer. There should also be a port for monitors and other output devices so that you can connect your netbook with HDTV Televisions.

The Diversity in the Family of Laptops

A laptop computer is, in essence, a personal computer intended for mobile use. Yet, there are various classifications of laptops out there that, in certain cases, make this definition rather narrow and invalid.

The term "laptop" can be defined to refer to numerous classes of miniature portable computers. Firstly, we have full-size Laptops, a laptop usually hefty enough to provide accommodation for a normal sized keyboard, which is to say the laptop has enough space to incorporate a keyboard with the least QWERTY key layout, roughly 13.5 keys across that are on ¾ (0.750) inch centers, plus some room on both ends for the case. These laptops are more commonly termed as desktop replacement computers. The initial laptops of this kind were the size of a typical U.S. notebook sheet of paper (8.5 × 11 inches), but later on, "A4-size" laptops were initiated, which had the width of a standard ISO 216 A4 sheet of paper (297 mm, or about 11.7 inches).

Secondly, we have laptops under the broad category termed as Netbooks; a minor, lighter, more portable laptop. This special kind of laptop’s mobility, and hence the battery time, is given top priority. The hardware used in these particular machines is “lighter” in order to keep battery consumption to a minimum. The use of lighter hardware usually causes these laptops to be relatively cheaper than a full-size laptop. What is important to note here is that there is no distinct line between Netbooks and small laptops. (notebooks) Primarily, some 11.6" models are termed and marketed as Netbooks.

Next we take a look at one of the initial members of the laptop family commonly referred to as a Tablet PC. This genre of laptops has touch screens that primarily takes the place of keyboards. Yet, there are versions that incorporate "convertible tablets" with a complete keyboard positioned where the screen rotates and is used atop the keyboard. However, most of these types of laptops are usually in "slate" form factor machines which are limited to touch-screen. No keyboard is present, though a few outdated models come with small keyboards along the sides of the screen.

Next, we move onto the application of the rapidly advancing family of laptops. Besides providing all the functions that a desktop computer can possibly offer, they are also capable of something a desktop is not, that is mobility. Laptops also have a distinct advantage that is not commonly known among the people. The presence of HD screens in almost all the latest models allows the laptops to act as replacements for HDTV Televisions. There are devices that allow laptops themselves to act as HDTV’s. If not, there is also an option of connecting the laptop to HD TVusing an HDMI cable.

May 17, 2011

Fashionista 101

Looking for silver accessories? Knowing a little about silver wouldn’t hurt especially if you’re an enthusiast for jewelry or a self-admitted fashionista. There are many kinds of sterling silver jewelry namely pure silver jewelry or fine silver jewelry which is made up of 99.9% pure silver. Fine silver jewelry uses very little alloy and are softer and more malleable than other silver. Another kind of silver jewelry is silver jewelry. It is the most popular silver alloy composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The hardness of the material is good and is more durable than 99.9% silver. German Silver is another kind of silver jewelry but contrary to its name, it does not contain any silver as it is composed of 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc. It was used in Germany as substitute to silver and is commonly used for plating. Silver Gem Stone Jewelry is a kind of silver jewelry which uses silver as frames for gems or gems are studded or embedded in a silver accessory like earrings and rings. The last kind of silver jewelry is the Oxidized Silver Jewelry which uses oxidation or causing oxygen to mix with the silver ions to darken specific spots giving a tarnished and antique look.

For all the kind of jewelries made of silver, different kinds of jewelries could be made. Rings are very popular among couples especially sterling silver rings because it gives off an elegant and rich look. Earrings are also popular especially among women. Sometimes earring and rings are both embedded with precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphire, topaz, and aquamarine to add to the aesthetic appeal of the accessory. Bracelets of different sorts are also made up of silver. Different designs could be made and sometimes, other manufacturers accept pre-orders with designs so that one could personalize the kind of rings and bracelets they could buy. Necklaces are also popular as they are accompanied with silver gem stone charms or pure silver charms that varies in designs. Chains are also manufactured by silver manufacturers especially those chains that are made to look like necklaces or chains that are used to hook wallets. Also recently, silver watches are gaining popularity again as it was already being manufactured before. Some silver accessories could also be personalized through engravings or personalized designs to add an extra personal touch and style to one’s own accessories.

May 16, 2011

Why Men Choose Silver Jewelry over Gold Jewelry

I once asked my boy friend why he decided to have a piercing on his left ear. He simply answered because it is fashion. That was then I realized that not only women are fond of accessorizing themselves but also men. I asked him again, then why decide to wear a silver jewelry rather than wearing gold? He said imagine me wearing a gold earring? Will it look good on my ear? Will it look good on me? Will it reflect my personality? Then I looked at him for a while and smiled. How many men have you seen wearing a gold earring? He asked again. There was an awkward moment and then I take in the styles of the famous singers in the music industry. I imagined Chris Brown, T-Pain, Kanye West, T.I, Iyaz, Akon, and Usher and realized that I always watch those singers wearing sterling silver jewelry most of the time.

I said to myself, my boyfriend has a point but the main question is still why men choose to wear silver jewelries rather than gold jewelries. Does wearing such silvers will make them more masculine?

So I asked my boy friend again, what factors have you considered in choosing a silver jewelry over a gold jewelry. He then explained to me three factors.
Complexion – Most men are not well-matched with wearing gold jewelries. So to be safe, they prefer silver jewelries over gold jewelries. Silvers do not choose the complexion of its users. Whether you are dark, fair, or light, all types of silver jewelries will look good on you. While gold jewelries do not look excellent on people with dark complexion.
Fashion Statement – When men go out, they usually wear the typical shirt, jeans, and rubber shoes. This style of clothing will be best accessorized with silver jewelries rather than gold jewelries. Gold jewelries are only best worn during special and formal occasions that are oftentimes needed to be paired with coat and tie. In addition, men are like women, they would not want to be left behind with fashion.
Affordability – Men are not fond on spending expensive items for themselves. Most of the time, they will prefer spending their money on food and vices. So if they want to be ‘in,’ (like men are cool with earrings), they would probably favor items with cheaper price. In this case, men will favor silver over gold.

May 15, 2011

Smart City and its Characteristics

Smart City is an urban settlement known for its sustainable developmental policies. A city is smart when it is capable of tapping from its rich amounts of natural and human resources, for consistent growth and development. A smart city is also referred to as sustainable city or green city with its eco-friendly nature.

In recent times, the idea of a smart city has dominated discussions in various policy arenas. The aim is geared towards the building of an intelligent or digital city that can sustain itself by using its own natural resources.

Basic Characteristics

A smart city is known for the following characteristics:

6 major dimensions

There are 6 major dimensions to look out for in a smart city. These include: smart mobility, smart economy, smart environment, smart living conditions, smart governance and smart residents. These are not wishes; they are worked out through consistent planning and policy programs.

Proper Infrastructure development

If there must be a sustainable development in a smart city, there ought to be proper infrastructure development. Effective road networks must be put in place. Nice, green buildings ought to be erected under well defined building plans. ICT networks, Satellite TV networks, internet services, e-commerce and others have to be put in place in order to achieve a true smart city.

Proper Waste and Water Management

Smart cities, also known as Sustainable cities, must have proper wastewater management in place. Waste generation is a common phenomenon in most urban cities. However, when properly managed, waste products can become sources of usable energy supply and fertilizer products. Water management is also a must for the establishment of a smart city. There must be proper drainage systems and water bore-holes for clean and drinkable water.

Tapping of Renewable Energy Sources

A Smart city can become a reality when the renewable energy resources in the city are properly tapped and utilized. Such renewable energy includes solar, biomass, wind etc. There must be a decrease in the use of non-renewable energy if the city is to become sustainable.

Food Sustenance

A Smart city should be able to feed its citizens independently. This is possible when diverse agricultural systems are activated in the city. There should be a consistent development of agricultural policies. Effective use of agricultural lands and plantations should be encouraged. This ensures that there will be enough food for the masses.

Finally, there must be proper house planning in the city. Industries, workstations and markets should be separated from residential quarters. This improves the living standards of the residents.

May 12, 2011

Eternity Bands and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Beauty is not heritage of the rich and the famed but it is a blessing that anyone can have. Moreover, women like to improve their beauty regardless of it how much they can pay for that. Cosmetic industry is one of the largest industries in world because women have an inherent crave to look beautiful. Besides, there are a lot many other products available in markets that are being used by women for their fashion. Jewelry, such as sterling silver jewelry and gold jewelry are for sure the most significant women wear by which they feel stylish and beautiful.

It is also a mark of status among many a one. But what can we do if we are not wealthy enough to afford luxurious ornaments like that of Kate Middleton ring? No matter if we are not able of buying such an exclusive ring, there are a number of companies that are making its duplicate and it is in the reach of a many classes. So, women can afford the product of their requirement by consuming an amount that is reasonable for them. Moreover, jewelry market is making a lot many such products that are considered as celebrity inspired jewelry because these are made keeping in view the wearing of world celebrated personalities because women love to wear the products somewhat analogous to them. Such products are the best alternative available for middle class women to look like the celebrities.

If we talk about reasonable finest jewelry, sterling silver jewelry is the first name that comes in mind. Sterling silver is renowned for its shine and unique designs. A perfect competitor for gold jewelry. Sterling silver necklaces are used widely among the middle and upper classes. Sterling silver necklace is made from pure silver due to which has a glossy shine, and admired by most of the ladies. Besides necklaces sterling eternity bands are also very famous in ornament industry.

When it comes to eternity bands, there is one variety; whether you have a full round of gems or a half round of gems; and that is totally individual preference as well as being a price consideration.

Ordering the right size is the most critical decision you have to make. Full eternity bands can be very hard to resize as the amount of the gems and carat weight have to stable to form the circle of gems properly. You can get around this trouble by either buying a ring with a discounted re-manufacturing plan, or selecting a half or partial eternity style that leaves a portion of basic metal in the underside of the band.

May 11, 2011

Types of Jewelry Available Online

Buying jewelry online can be an exciting and wonderful experience for a lot of women. This is particularly so due to the large variety and types of jewelry that is displayed at leading retailers and manufacturer sites. There are sterling silver jewelry, silver jewelry, gold jewelry, CZ jewelry, etc. With a click of their mouse women can browse through hundreds of thousands of ravishing designs. For a closer look, most sites allow them to double-click and not only see an enlarged version of the jewelry piece but also to view it from several angles. The price range is also quite flexible making it possible for women to buy jewelry online whatever their particular budget limitations might be.

Looking at the various varieties of rings displayed online, you’ll find that most of them are in a Silver or Sterling Silver Setting. Gold is still popular but certainly not as affordable as it once was, so as an alternate there are gold-plated rings available as an option. Cubic zirconia rings are displayed in a wide array of mesmerizing designs, making it the favorite among women. Similarly, when buying a Sterling Silver Ring you will find a huge assortment of elegant designs to choose from. Other vintage and designer inspired designs are also being sold at affordable prices.

Wearing an elegant bracelet on your wrist, can give you a whole new look or enhance the look of the outfit you’re wearing. Bracelets are also available in cubic zirconia which gives them exquisite beauty and a price that is just right. Additionally, pearl bracelets are an all time favorite among women combining elegance with style. Most bracelets are available in different sizes so that buying online is easy to do.

Pendants and necklaces displayed online include bridal necklaces, cubic zirconia necklaces and pearl necklaces. Pendants can be worn casually and are generally considered to be more comfortable than necklaces. A single solitaire in a silver setting looks amazing but, heavier stone setting is done for bridal jewelry which makes it look more glitzy in keeping with the occasion.

Jewelry might be a woman’s best friend but that doesn’t mean that men don’t enjoy wearing it; especially when it complements their natural style and classy look. Men’s jewelry includes rings, bracelets necklaces and pendants. Most are manufactured from Silver or Sterling Silver and might be set with diamonds or other stones like cubic zirconia. Like women, many men prefer shopping online for their jewelry needs, giving them more freedom of choice and saving them valuable time.

May 10, 2011

Easy and cheap ways of cleaning your laptop and HDTV screen

Many people who buy new Laptops or HDTV Televisions forget to inquire about their maintenance and cleanliness issues, but this shouldn’t be the case with you. The moment you purchase this vital piece of machinery, its care and maintenance should be your top priority if you’re interested in making your machinery stay in good condition for many years to come. It is said ignorance is bliss, but in the case of technology this is definitely not the case; some people turn to the use of Windex for cleaning their Laptop computers and HDTV screen.

I must take this opportunity to state the risk you put your machinery in when you use Windex; Windex and other cleaning agents in this category include ammonia, and it is extremely dangerous for the screen because it can shred the anti glare of the screen and cloud a plastic-based screen. Then there are other people who conveniently use water from the faucet for cleaning their HD TV and laptop screen; this is also the wrong approach because this water contains minerals which do not work well with the screen, leaving it with white smears.

Now, you’re probably confused and worried about how to clean the screen but there is nothing to worry about because let me inform you about a few easy ways that will help you clean your screen and make them as good as new. Firstly, you can use distilled water, which is easily available from a pharmacy; this type of water is mineral free and does not cause any damage to the screen and thus is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of cleaning the screens of your expensive and important technological equipment. However, for more effective results, it is suggested you combine 50 parts of distilled water with 50 parts of sopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol (also known as IPA). This approach is widely used and recommended, even by experts.

IPA is also a major component of screen cleaning wipes that are available on the market, but if you make this solution at home, it will also allow you save a few bucks along with removing all marks from your screen. Now that you’re aware of the liquids to avoid, be careful not to spray them on the screen. Apply the IPA solution on a cloth and gently clean the screen without applying any pressure.

May 9, 2011

How to take care of your silver jewelry

The use of silver jewelry is not just plainly wearing it on and showing it off to the people around you. It is not only the fact of accessorizing the self with an ardent silver jewelry. It is also about maintaining the quality, the glimmer, and the value of your sterling silver jewelry.

I bet no one would want to bet the expensive amount of money they spent in buying a set of silver jewelry. A purchase of these kinds of things comes with proper care and maintenance. Although silver jewelries are known with its tarnish resistant quality, when years have passed and placed in one box, its color would surely fade. So what one should always remember to do is to clean it regularly and be familiar with some procedures in taking care of them.

Here are some guidelines on how one could take good care of its silver jewelry.

In cleaning your silver jewelry, make sure you use the stipulated cloth for cleaning silvers. The use of other ordinary cloths may reduce the quality of your silver jewelry. Most of the time, these cloths can be purchased in the silver jewelry stores where you usually buy your favorite silver items. If you cannot allot time in cleaning your silver jewelries, don’t worry because there are some jewelry stores that offer jewelry cleaning. The negative impact however is that you need to pay for the cleaning services. Sometimes, there are jewelry shops that offer a year free cleaning if you purchase some of their items, in this way you are able to save money.

When it comes to environment change, silver jewelries are submissive to wet and clammy areas. So what you may do to prevent your silver jewelries from discoloring is to keep them away from these areas. You may keep or wrap them inside a dry cloth to preserve its luminosity.

But, if you want practicality in cleaning and preserving the quality of your silver jewelry, here is a very simple technique that you can do. Fill in a bowl with warm-to-hot water. Pour in a small amount of detergent, sometimes vinegar could be a better substitute with detergent, and then place your dirty stained silver jewelries. Leave it overnight or let it reach for a whole day. Let it rest on clean water after setting it in with vinegar or detergent and be surprised with your shining silver jewelry.

May 5, 2011

Eternity Rings With Sterling Silver Rings, Necklaces and Earrings

Eternity rings are the most admirable form of thing available for your girlfriend in market. Eternity rings are the best artistic representative of love. Nothing more can represent love lovely more than this type of ring. The best part of eternity ring is that your girl can wear it with the engagement ring or wedding band. The circle of the ring is the ideal symbol of eternal love.

There are two types of eternity rings, one is full eternity and other is half eternity ring. The full eternity ring is one that has stones set entirely around the ring’s shell. The stones set in full eternity ring need to be smaller enough to be fixed along the entire ring. They are usually custom-made in order to be perfectly shaped for each individual. The half eternity ring is the one that has stones located only on the face of the ring. They usually used superior stones circling half way around the ring. Half eternity rings are easier to manufacture, more comfy to wear and all the stones are observable. When we talk about cost, the full eternity ring is more costly as compare to half eternity ring.

Eternity rings come in gold, white gold, platinum and sterling silver. Sterling silver rings are the most popular option in eternity rings today and for many reasons. Sterling silver jewelry is valuable and affordable. It can be plated with rhodium to give it platinum looking touch. Sterling silver rings comes in a remarkable variety of styles and designs. Generally, sterling silver rings are set with cubic zirconia stones. Cubic zirconia is the world's most admired simulated diamond that is long-lasting, sparkle and much more affordable than an authentic one. When going for a silver sterling ring engraved with cubic zirconia gems it's very important to search for the best quality at an affordable price.

When it comes to wedding, the most noticeable form of jewelries is the wedding band and the necklace. No wonder why silver jewelry has almost replaced gold and diamond sets, because of their conspicuous designs and affordable price especially the sterling silver family. Sterling silver necklaces are astonishingly versatile and unique. They are delightfully designed and crafted with care to make you look out of the ordinary. If you are looking for traditional yet contemporarily designed sterling silver necklaces, then you might want to get the collection of sterling silver chain necklaces, sterling silver heart necklaces, sterling silver charm necklaces, sterling silver pendant necklaces, and many more.

Earrings are one of the oldest garnishes known to the human society. Even today, the women make use of the elite designs in the earrings not only to enhance the looks of their faces, but also to add glamour to their personas.
One of the finest type of the earrings that women of style can be seen spectacular in the media and at other affairs is the chandelier earrings. These unique earrings have an arresting effect on the wearer and this is the reason, they are a favorite of many stars.

Another much admired style in the earrings is the hoop earrings. Striking personas from any era are spotted by the fashion police, adding to their appeal and impression using these round or oval-shaped earrings. These hoop earrings can be studded with valuable stones or be skilled from expensive metals.