Feb 26, 2013

Kobe Beef for Your Healthy Diet

Kobe beef is a very expensive kind of meat because it is rare. It is considered as excellent beef around the globe. It is a Japanese delicacy favored by many worldwide because of its flavorful taste and tenderness. Its fat is also healthy because it is unsaturated and these “intra-muscular fat cells” are believed to give an excellent source of energy for the body. It contains Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids which are needed by the body as well. Kobe beef, considered the healthier type of beef, is beneficial to your health, so it is a good item to add to your diet. Kobe beef contains protein which the body primarily needs. It is not likely to add to your cholesterol levels because stearic acid comprises 40 percent of Kobe beef. Kobe beef not only contains properties that are anti-inflammatory but it also contains agents that are anti-carcinogenic. Kobe beef has nutrients that are responsible for the enhancement of the immune system. Its contents can also lessen the risks of asthma, heart diseases and diabetes. It is indeed expensive but worth trying because it provides benefits to your health as well as a unique dining experience.

Kobe beef is not an ordinary kind of beef considering its price and quality. That is why it should be cooked properly in order to get the best results and to get the most worth out of the money you have spent on it.

Kobe beef is a versatile dish and is more delicious when combined with a wide variety of spices, herbs and other ingredients. Spices and herbs that add flavor to Kobe beef include black pepper, mustard, cloves, rosemary, wasabi powder, thyme, basil, parsley, dill, root, cilantro and more. Ordinarily, when preparing Kobe beef as the main dish, different kinds of liquor such as bourbon, tequila, lime, beer and sake are added to such preparations. These herbs, spices and beverages are added to Kobe beef to make up a variety of sumptuous meals such as Kobe steaks, filets, filet mignons, burgers, ribs, sliders, meatballs, meatloaf, barbecue, carpaccio, hot dogs, pizza and more.

In the past, Kobe beef supply was quite limited and it was difficult to buy Kobe beef. Now the Wagyu cattle are being raised in countries like the U.S., Australia and Japan, and you can even purchase Kobe beef steaks online.

Feb 25, 2013

How To Cook Grilled Wagyu With Mushrooms

As, we all know that Wagyu beef is the favorite of many beef lovers across the world. One of the reasons why Wagyu beef is so popular and costly is that it is a special kind of beef which has a high density of marbling. Wagyu is a type of beef that comes from a specific kind of cattle in Japan, which is taken care of very well for such a purpose. Wagyu is considered by most beef lovers as the best USDA prime steaks online and in the meat market. If you want to savor the flavor of Wagyu but do not have any clue on what to cook, you can try cooking grilled Wagyu with mushrooms. It is very simple with the following ingredients:

4 Wagyu beef rump steaks
200 grams of sliced shiitake and oyster mushrooms
1 sliced garlic clove
2 sliced spring onions
5 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley
1 tablespoon of chopped thyme
1 tablespoon of chopped oregano
1 tablespoon of lime juice
Sea salt and black pepper


Step 1: First remove the packaged Wagyu steaks from the refrigerator and unpack them. Set the unpackaged meat on a clean plate and let it sit until it reaches room temperature.

Step 2: Pre-heat the grill or pan and while you are waiting, season the Wagyu with salt and pepper. Once the grill reaches the desired temperature, place the seasoned beef on the cooking surface. Cook the steak to your desired temperature, preferably medium rare. Cooking times will vary based on several factors, including your grill and the thickness of the steaks.

Step 3: Remove the beef from the heat and let it stand and cool off for at least five minutes or so. While you are letting it cool, heat two tablespoons of oil in a wok and then put the mushrooms, garlic, and spring onions in it. Stir them periodically until the mushrooms turn soft and once they soften up, you can then add the herbs, lime juice and remaining olive oil.

Step 4: Cook the mushrooms and other ingredients until they are done and then remove it from the heat. Season the steaks with salt and pepper, to taste. If you are not going to serve your steaks right way, you might want to reheat the beef so that you are able to serve it hot.

Feb 20, 2013

Top Three Barbeque Sauce Recipes

Nowadays, it is quite convenient to buy meat such as beef steaks online, but finding the best barbecue sauce recipe is not that easy. Whether you are preparing Kobe steaks, lamb breast or turkey, you need to have a good barbecue sauce recipe to match and complement the meat. The ingredients used for sauce can vary. Some of the most popular ingredients include vinegar, spices, garlic, tomato paste and sweeteners. The variations depend on the regional practices and the meat. Listed below are some of the best barbecue sauce recipes you can use.

Kansas City Rib Sauce

Americans love steak. In Kansas City, people are serious about their sticky and saucy rib, and there are many delicious rib sauces from Kansas City. Derrick Riches, an expert in backyard cooking, has the most popular recipe among them all. Start by heating the oil in a saucepan and then add minced garlic. Sauté the garlic until it is brown. Add the following ingredients: 1 cup ketchup, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons paprika, 1 tablespoon chili powder and 1 teaspoon cayenne. Simmer for about 15 minutes. Notice that the sauce will thicken.

St. Louis Barbecue Sauce

St. Louis is recognized by Kingsford as "America’s Top Grilling City." Its foods are often heavily sauced. If you love Kansas City rib sauce, you will certainly like St. Louis barbecue sauce. In a saucepan, combine 2 cups ketchup, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 3 tablespoons yellow mustard, 1 tablespoon instant minced onion, 1 tablespoon granulated garlic and 1 teaspoon cayenne. Adjust heat to low. Simmer for 20 minutes. Frequently stir the sauce. Remove from heat and let it cool. Preferably, seal the sauce and store it inside the refrigerator. Before using, let it sit for 24 hours.

Mustard Sauce

If you want to try something out of the ordinary, try this mustard recipe. According to Riches, this sauce works great with pork barbecue. Mix 1 cup prepared yellow mustard, 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar, 1/3 cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon cayenne. Let it simmer over low heat. Heat the mixture for about 30 minutes.

Listed above are some of the best barbecue sauces. If you want to surprise your family with a memorable barbecue, try these easy-to-cook sauce recipes.