Nov 30, 2011

Fair Trade and the Marketplace

Fair Trade is all about purchasing products and items from developing countries in a fair and sustainable way that would not exploit the originator in any way. In past times, leading countries would purchase indigenous products such as coffee or tea from a particular developing country and exploit the natural resource as well as the cheap labor. There was such an outcry over this practice that now there are governing boards and associations which developed regulations as to what is fair for these developing nations, in order that there would be sustainability in natural products as well as responsibility to the labor force.

Fair trade does not only include natural products such as dried fruits or spices. It also includes items or products that are particular to that developing nation or culture, such as sterling silver jewelry from Bali, the basket trade from island nations, fruit from a banana type republic, African drums or masks, or even the little worry dolls from South America. Now with the development of these associations, there are marketing initiatives in order to help the creators of these products market their products better within the consumer context. A redesign of the products may help in generating better sales. A different channel of sales could help. Even certification and labeling has become part of the fair trade practice as many consumers are now aware and are concerned with the legalities of the products.

Fair trade labeling could include certifying that the product was not made using child labor. Historically, child labor was a problem in many developing countries as there was a reliance on the children to help with finances in a family. Outrage over the textile industry and its use of child labor helped with curbing this practice. Other regulations would include ethical purchasing, banning slave labor (also another practice becoming widespread), and a renewable type of farming practices. These standards are helping to minimize the exploitation of these problems.
So next time you are purchasing vanilla beans from South America or a silver ring from Bali, consider looking for certification or some sort of labeling that came from fair trade. Ask the question of the retailer. Be on the lookout for these standards, so that you can be assured that what you are buying is of ethical practices and values. More and more modern countries are making this a priority in its purchase of exported goods.

Nov 22, 2011

Make It Your Unique Jewelry

Learn to make your own jewelry as a hobby and you just may end up with a side business. There are many different types of jewelry to make such as beading, metal casting, art clay molding, and chain mail. These make not only unique items for you but how about giving them as gifts that anyone would love to receive? A beaded necklace or sterling silver ring is perfect for sentimental gifts.

The easiest type of jewelry to make would be in the form of beading. Purchase the beads and findings and tools in the many bead shops you can find locally. You can as well find these shops online and have the items delivered via post. You can find many patterns and instructions online and learn how to do it on your own or thru books. There are many books available for instruction. Aligned with beading is the art of wirework where wire is wrapped around beads or other elements to form unique designs. Both can be combined together to form one piece.
Metal casting and smith is the real techniques behind jewelry making, involving heating metal in kilns and crucibles, pouring it into molds and then cooling it down before the design is transformed. This can take many years of training and studying before you can design and would take a huge investment in the purchase of tools and material.

Art clay is a newest form of jewelry making. Originating in Japan, it is way to create sterling silver jewelry without the many years of studies or the purchase of expensive equipment. Heating is via oven or torch. Art clay is a substance made of metallic dust mixed into a clay-like substance that is then burned off leaving beautiful metal in its place. There is a definite shrinkage in the item so that is calculated into the design. This clay can be worked much like sculpture or it can be molded. There are many different types of art clay available for different particular uses.

Interlocking metal rings into a pattern creates chain mail. This is predominately a male type of jewelry making as it was used historically to create armor in the deflection of weapons. Now, it is used in accessories or jewelry and in period costuming for the theatre. You can find this craft also in the many historical festivals and fairs.

Nov 17, 2011

Discover Indonesia

It’s a country larger than the size of the United States but it’s composed of over 13,000 islands. Indonesia certainly has it all for an adventure travel destination. It’s exotic, it’s got stunning landscapes, and with over 300 different ethnic types speaking 700 distinct languages/dialects it’s rather an awe inspiring polyglot of a nation.
Bali is the first place that comes to mind in your visit with its many resorts and tourist locations. Check out the artisans Indonesia is known for here and view how sterling silver jewelry is made completely by hand. Bring home some sterling silver rings as gifts for your family and friends. Ever wanted to know how batik textile is created? Manufacturing workshops have tours of their facilities to show you how wax is applied to fabrics and then dyed. You can even purchase lengths of the fabric or ready- made dresses of the textile. The temple courtyards are another location to go to where you can view the famous traditional dances performed to the eerie sounds of a gamelan ensemble. These are instruments created with steel and bamboo and have been used for thousands of years in traditional rituals. It’s an otherworldly experience.
Java is the the main and most populated island of Indonesia with many museums and historical artifacts. You can learn all about the Dutch occupation as well as other world history events that played out in the Pacific. An island with diverse landscapes, visit the central parts to see a volcano that recently erupted as well as the remains of an ancient sulfuric watering hole. The most visited site is the Borobudor, a spectacular Buddhist monument built approximately in the 9th century and made up of layers of platforms with 72 Buddha statues on top. It’s unique in that the whole location was buried in a forest and only recently found again in the early 1800’s. It is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
Sumatra is the largest island of the country. Due to its lack of population, you will find that many cultural aspects have been preserved. Sumatra has many natural parks and rainforests and efforts are now underway to protect large portions from being endangered. Unfortunately, in years past this was not understood and more than 48% of its forestry has been lost due to indiscriminate logging. Because of this lack of policing, many of its flora, fauna, and animals are endangered and may become extinct.

Nov 10, 2011

Health and Dogs

Dogs are an important part of the modern family that provide a variety of services to their individual owners. For example, dogs have been used to protect important property and people such as children for many centuries. Modern veterinarian medicine has done much to improve the health and lives of these very important family members. For instance, many fine retailers traffic in specially formulated foods, medicines, vaccines, and supplements, which are designed specifically to free modern dogs from problems that plagued their predecessors. These problems include ear-mites, fleas, and ticks. At the same time, the special types of food that are available for purchase are designed to improve heart, liver, and urinary tract health and function within the dog. Furthermore, many of these foods are also designed for dogs based on their age and size. Therefore, each food and supplement is able to provide man's best friend with the best nutrition possible. However, nutrition is not all that an owner needs to be concerned with. For example, dental health is also crucial for canines. In an effort to address this issue, many companies have developed several types of chew toys and other products, which are specifically designed to improve your dog’s teeth and overall bike strength. These types of products include bones, chew-ropes, and Rawhide products such as "pig ears".

Companies cannot provide everything that is needed to ensure that the dog has a full healthy vibrant life. The only entity that can ensure the dogs life is the owner. Owners must spend time with their dogs. Spending time with the animal allows the dog to bond with its master. Therefore, the dog will be able to have a proper demeanor towards its owner and family. At the same time, socialization is also important. Many cities throughout the United States, Western Europe, and Asia have constructed "dog parks". These locations usually contain wide areas of open land and trails, which allow both the owner and the dog to engage in daily cooperative exercise activities, while also allowing the dog to spend time with other members of the species as well as increasing its ability to establish a wider range of human contact. This is important because dogs that are socialized in such a way are less likely to attack and injure unknown dogs or people at random.

One of the most vital aspects of the dog’s health, which is commonly overlooked by owners is the canine’s sleeping habits. Often domesticated dogs sleep anywhere where the space is available. This natural occurrence is quite difficult for their masters, and can lead to the destruction of expensive furnishings, blankets, and comforters. However, some companies provide dog beds, which are designed for nearly every type of dog. Some of these beds are memory foam beds, which provide the best support the dog's back and muscles, thereby improving same canine's overall energy level, as well as muscular and skeletal health. Bearing these facts in mind, owners can take measures to ensure that their favorite dog is with their family for the longest time possible. At the same time, enacting measures such as those mentioned in this article can also ensure that your dog remains active throughout the majority of its life, while also maintaining a friendly demeanor with friends, family, and other dogs.

Nov 9, 2011

Best Sale Points of Silver Necklaces

Nowadays, women are wondering for best places, where they can buy all luxuries and jewelry ornaments. Females always hunt for only those markets, where some concessions and outstanding designs are available simultaneously. That is why; they are not satisfied with these casual sale points. Now, according to these wishes and demands of ladies, some very famous and proficient jewelry markets have been introduced. These shops will deliver you almost latest and up to mark products relevant to silver necklaces.

Famous Shopping Malls:-
These shopping malls are quite famous and marvelous in keeping wearing luxuries. Here, female customers can choose and buy almost all types of sterling silver rings, as they have huge varieties and bigger collections. In the present, such as shopping centers remain full and populated with ladies and even with men. Some of these famous shopping venues now offer few extra facilities like discounts and free shipping features. You can create your order and buy something staying at home.

Company’s Authorized Shops:-
Some famous and professional companies have their own authorized franchises, where about thousands of designs and brands are kept. These stores are more accurate places for buying jewelry. Actually, companies directly deal and manage varieties in these sub-trading units. That is why; company management delivers outstanding and latest products, first of all. Such companies are best in dealing and selling precious products. In the present, clients can get so many types of gifts with purchasing of costly silver necklaces.

Jewelry Markets:-
These markets are professional places, where thousands of companies have their own shops. These sale points give abundant varieties and economical rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other fantastic products relevant to women. Such jewelry markets have only jewelry brands, and you cannot get anything else from these places. Silver bracelets are more famous and attractive things, which please and decorate personalities of ladies.

Fashion & Designing Places:-
Definitely, the people are interested in earning huge profits by several sources. In these days, so many fashion designers have launched their own sale points, where they deliver matching products. This is the best way for those women, who have to craze of fashion with contrast. That is why; such places are decorated with latest and more attractive silver bracelets and rings.

Online Purchasing:-
Online shopping is really too fantastic and faster in working. Actually, online purchasing is safer and more reliable with compare to other sources of buying. Here, lady's cam chooses and buys best types of silver necklaces and other precious metallic ornaments.

Nov 8, 2011

Useful Gifts

Shopping for gifts is one of the most difficult things that all people must do several times in their lives. Some people might say it's shopping for young girls or women is more difficult than finding the right gifts for men. For example, members of the fairer sex usually enjoy costly gifts such as purses, handbags, clothing, or perfume. Owing to the wide variety of these products which is available for purchase, people often have trouble selecting gifts for the women in their lives, because they are overwhelmed by the types of products which can be classified in the these categories. Furthermore, this process becomes more complicated because of the fact that women are often less vocal about their individual likes and dislikes than their male counterparts. While this article is not intended to help man find the perfect gift for his mate, women who are looking for a gift for their special guy may find this article indispensable in their quest for the perfect present.

First of all, men enjoy receiving presents that are useful to them. This is one of the major differences between female and male ways of thinking. For example, ladies enjoy gifts because of their beauty. It is for this reason that many men have spent copious amounts of money on jewelry constructed from some of the most costly precious metals honor, or clothing made from the finest fabrics such as gossamer and silk. The best way to select a gift for your Martian is to think about things he needs, or the hobbies that the individual enjoys. For example, if your boyfriend or husband is an avid outdoorsman, then the purchase of camping equipment or multipurpose tools surely would be appreciated. On the other hand, if your man is a person who loves to tinker with computers, programs, or other gadgets, then one might consider purchasing something to assist in this endeavor.

However, women, who have always been called man's better half, might also wish to purchase him things which will improve the success at work as well as play. Many businessmen in this modern economy find themselves having to travel over great distances for the purposes of research, development, and negotiation. Therefore, one might consider buying one of the many state-of-the-art carry on luggage systems. Owning this type of baggage will allow the weary airport traveler to avoid checking all of their all their bags, and the hefty fees associated with this action. Instead your man will be able to use his laptop computer or fourth-generation tablet to prepare for the tasks ahead, while still in the air. This type of gift will surely improve the businessman's chances of success in and out of the office.

Nov 7, 2011

Shopping For Men Is Easy

Someone once said "Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus." While this saying seems really corny and cliché, it does have a small miniscule ring of truth to it, particularly when you observe each gender's drastically different opinions regarding the act and necessity of shopping. For example, the majority of women thoroughly enjoy visiting several shopping centers in a single day. Some women will spend hours browsing through countless stores, independently owned shops, and other establishments, despite the fact that they are not looking for, wanting, or needing anything in particular.

On the other hand, most men will only shop when something needs to be replaced, or if they are looking for something that they want. For example, if the average man needs a new pair of shoes, then he will go to the store, and purchase a pair of the specific type of shoes that are needed. To a man, a shoe is a shoe. Now, that is not to say that men will not be distracted from their primary objective by other products available in the store. However, his level of distraction depends on the product in question and his hobbies or his job. Keeping with our original shoe-scenario, let suppose that our male customer is looking for dress shoes for a special occasion but is an person who enjoys the outdoors and works in a factory. It is possible that this customer will stop for a few minutes and look the establishment’s selection of boots. However, the customer, if he is an average man, will not leave the store without selecting the dress shoes that were his original reason for going to the store. That is not to say that there are not exceptions to the rule. There are men who are excellent shoppers, and there are women who can run in and out of a store in mere minutes with everything that they need.

This article has discussed the differences between male and female shopping patterns. However, we have talked about what men look for in the products that we are interested. Any woman takes these questions to heart, and then finding gifts for guys is a relatively simple operation. Men’s gifts are interesting to those they are intended for, because of their utility. This brings us to the next two questions."What does he do?" and "What does he do in his spare time?" Remembering these three questions will make the purchasing of gifts for men an easy proposition.

Nov 2, 2011

Silver Jewelry – The handmade option

Uniqueness is one word on which everybody hypes a lot. Everyone wants to be unique, the way one talks, the way one dresses and sure the way one’s jewelry is too. Though silver is one option for jewelry, think of a unique way to display it. Plenty of machine made jewelry is readily available in the market. You may see the same jewel you wear on at least three or four other people. Well if you have such a feeling, why don’t you try the option of unique handmade silver jewelry?

The handmade jewelry have various options such as polished silver jewelry, stone embedded jewelry, matt finished jewelry for a dull look and so on. Well special handmade diamond studded solitaire rings are used as engagement rings, giving a special touch to the occasion. Of course they are priced a lot above their machine made counterparts.

Leave alone wearing the jewelry, think about making handmade jewelry at home. Yes, this is really a viable option for all folks. The entire antique utensils, candle stands that you don’t use now can become a starter for your home business. Homemade silver jewelry is a good earning option too. You just need to have the flair for making them. Try goggling to get a lot of information on the same.

Here’s a word of caution for someone trying with homemade sterling silver jewelry. Be sure that you are purchasing your handmade jewelry from a known or established seller. Chances are that you may not be getting the exact sterling silver jewel you are paying for. Try to go in for hallmarked jewels, a safe choice.

Well apart from buying handmade silver jewelry, such as sterling silver earrings, it needs good amount of patience and time to maintain these jewels too. Silver has the tendency to oxidize and go black as long as it is exposed to air. Proper polishing of the silver jewelry at frequent intervals is required in order to maintain their luster and sheen. Take care to ensure that the gems embedded in them to be free from dust particles. Avoid soaking silver jewels in water and try to keep them in a dry environment. Handmade silver jewelry does require a lot more of care apart from the above said.

Handmade silver ring, whether you plan to buy it or make it on your own is always a viable option to go for. It is a real value for money even if you buy or sell it.