May 28, 2012

The Most Popular Steak Recipes

Steaks are one of the best loved meat products because they are soft and full of flavor. Even though they are at times more expensive than other meat products, just the mere thought of having steak for supper or lunch is enough to whet peoples’ appetites. It is, however, also helpful to learn as much as possible about the most popular recipes for steak.

As for how to grill steak or cook steak, there are many methods and recipes available. The most popular steaks are best prepared over a barbecue or under a grill. One of the top recipes is known as London broil, which is ready to eat after 30 minutes, and consists of a prep time of 15 minutes and cooking time of 15 minutes. When marinated in wine or vinegar, it becomes even tenderer and is a delicious meal that can be dished out in four servings. Charcoal or gas grills are both good.

Let us not forget the Delmonico steak. It is made by the famous 23 Restaurant belonging to legendary basketball player Michael Jordan in Chicago. It takes 50 minutes to prepare and also yields around four servings. Some people are divided on the use of ginger, saying that the steak does not require lots of it. An equal number of people love it, stating that it is one of the best steak recipes they know.

Kittencal's steak marinade only requires five minutes for preparation, followed by 12 minutes for cooking. In less than 20 minutes the steak is finished and ready to be served; and also yields about four servings. The marinade should not have salt, as the meat requires just the right amount of salt when it is ready to be grilled, but not a minute before. This is one of the juiciest steak recipes available.

The Cowboy steak is all about adding some flare from the southlands to a porterhouse steak. Chipotle paste produces one of the best flavors ever. It yields between two and four servings while the total time taken for making the recipe is 20 minutes; with 5 dedicated to preparation and 15 for the actual cooking. This is a great steak recipe for the family without going overboard.

The peppered strip steak named after New York is yet another popular steak. This is a recipe that produces spellbinding flavors that will linger for a long time when cracked peppers are used instead of ground pepper. The best results are produced by only a ¼ cup of pepper which is just the right amount not to make it overly spiced.

These are some of the most popular steak recipes that you can try with the entire family for a flavorful, tasteful and delightful eating experience.

May 14, 2012

Cooking Tips and Healthy Steak Recipes

Beef dishes are very high in nutrients such as proteins, minerals and essential amino acids. Nutritional research shows that beef has over 10 vital nutrients that support the building of the body’s tissues and which aids in the proper functioning of the body’s systems. Beef dishes are also good because a small amount makes you feel full. But if you eat too much or fail to cook it in a healthy manner, there might be side effects. The good news is that there are perfectly healthy steak recipes for supper, lunch, dinner and even for snacks.

Steak is one of the oldest and healthiest meals for all human beings. Beef steak is eaten in different forms by different people in different regions. However, even though steak is naturally healthy, the method of cooking it matters a lot, as improper cooking of steak can reduce its nutritional value to the body.

The first and most important cooking tip is to ensure that you do not overcook the steak. This is a tricky concept, because improperly cooked meat has some adverse health effects. You should ensure that you cook the meat until it is tender and brown.

Secondly, you should make the proper choice of the steak cut. There are different types of steak cuts (estimated to be more than 29) and it is not always easy to choose that which fits your interests and needs, especially if you do not know the unique characteristics of each. The cuts include filet, round steak, rib eye and T-bone.

The filet is the tenderest beef cut. Round steak is cut from the rump and is the best for grilling and it is, in most cases, the cheapest cut compared to the price of other steaks. The rib eye steak is cut from lingissimus muscle and, compared to filet, is less tender; but it has more fat. The T-bone steak is a superior steak and is cut with tenderloin and filet on either side of the bone.

In addition to these beef cuts, you should also make the proper choice of side dishes, such as legumes, vegetables and salads. Fresh herbs are very good for one's health. They are used because they add flavor and nutrition to steaks. The vegetables that you can add include peas, onions, carrots and spinach. You can also add dairy products such as sour cream or cheese.

May 7, 2012

Creating the Perfect Steak Recipe

To make the perfect steak you need to follow the right recipes, prepare them well and pay the required attention in order to yield the most delicious edible art. Chefs can honestly tell you that there is nothing in this world that is capable of matching the unique and complex flavors of a well prepared beef steak. It is also a highly nutritious meal. Beef should always be part of your daily meal if you want to stay healthy and strong.

The perfect recipes for steak begin with the use of high quality ingredients. You should look for steaks that are marbled with fat in the tissues of the muscles. These fats are distributed throughout the piece of meat and are good in ensuring that the steak is tender. The certified Angus or grass-fed beef is most recommended.

Preparing for the perfect steak recipe also requires the proper choice of seasonings. Simple pepper and salt are sufficient to provide the required seasoning for your steak. If you need more variety you can marinate it with thyme, rosemary or other herbs. If you need an exotic experience, you can add teriyaki sauce or curry powder.

The cooking methods of the perfect steak vary, but they all aim at achieving the same result. The most common cooking methods include grilling, broiling and frying. With grilling, the steak is placed over high heat and, in most cases, over an open flame. Grilling gives the meat a charred texture and smoky quality that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

For frying, you need to place butter or oil in a frying pan and then put the meat in the hot fat or butter. Fried steak is always extremely delicious. Broiling is the perfect cooking method if you want your steak to have a charred texture without the smokiness that is associated with grilling. Whichever method of cooking you choose, you should ensure that you pat your meat until it is dry. This will ensure that the cooked steak is seared, which is highly desirable.

You can finish the perfect steak recipe with a pat of herb butter, the plain and simple pan juices, or the pan drippings which are rendered when the steak is being cooked. It can then be cooked with an equal amount of flour in order to create a roux that can be diluted with cognac or wine into sauce with a delicious flavor.