Sep 29, 2009

Trendy Earrings - Jade

Jade is a very significant type of gemstone. It is a well-known gemstone around the world. It was very popular in ancient China because it was considered to be the “imperial gem”, China identifies Jade to be more valuable than silver and gold. In my opinion, I would say that silver and gold still holds the “greater” value. Silver and gold are heavier and more dazzling when being seen with one. Nonetheless, Jade still holds a vital value to the people who takes pleasure in its significant meanings.

When wearing big fancy earrings, particularly gold earrings the size of a thumb, it is astounding. People will start thinking that you are boastful. This style is more for a fancy high class ballroom dancer or some musical award ceremony. However, something more subtle like jade earrings can form a more calm and passive look. It is more casual and formal. Jade has been important to Chinese people and to the Chinese history. It is a virtuous gemstone because it symbolizes hardness, durability, and beauty. For example, they would think jade can protect them from evil spirits. A lot of people would believe this to be true and buy jade for that reason. Jade earrings usually come in different designs. They can come in different colors and sizes and shapes. There are hard and soft jades as well as different shades of jade. Gold earrings, on the other hand, are only different by their design and karats of gold. Majority of gold looks the same but has different designs. I would say jade has more variety.

Gold and jade clip on earrings are not as popular as regular earrings but are still used throughout the world. It seems to me that the more people who gets familiar with jade, the more people want to put their hands on some. When I saw jade in real life, I felt that I needed to get one. Although it's not the most shimmering and glittering gemstone, I felt a connection, like nothing I felt before. It also makes me feel a little more confident.

Sep 27, 2009

Heart for cocktail rings

I guess you all love the fabulous cocktail rings after my last cocktail rings post. I do believe that they are the easiest and subtlest way to incorporate and interweave your personality or even a new trend into an outfit. And I just cannot stop to look for more, these cubic zirconia jewelry are so stunning, so attractive! The most important thing is we usually could afford cubic zirconia rings:)
cz rings-cocktail rings
cz rings-cocktail rings
cz rings-cocktail rings

Sep 24, 2009

Music Videos Needs Bling

Media has slight control over the audience. Anyone growing up with televisions sets has been influenced by media one way or another. Music videos are very popular in the western culture as well as the eastern culture. People are slowly adapting to what they see on television. Music videos are very popular to the younger generations. Younger generations tend to like something shiny and trendy. Music video producers are targeting the market of younger generation.

What I’ve noticed in most music videos is that the artist would wear all sorts of jewelry. They are usually very flashy, ornate, figurative, symbolic, and stunning. I will list a couple videos which I think contains jewelry to be a fundamental element when making a music video. Take “Will Pan feat. Akon – Be With You” for example, it focuses more on the action rather than the jewelry. However, you can see in a few scenes where the girl’s bracelets would be displayed on the video for a few seconds. This is very symbolic because it shows that a typical pretty lady would possess jewelry. Will Pan, the protagonist, would impress her through his fighting skills. At the end of the video, it shows a scene where they were on two opposites sides of the window. They both had rings on when they were gently touching the window. This is a very romantic scene. Without the rings, the scene would feel like it was missing something, as if they were naked.

Another music video, “Jay Chou – Snake Dance” consisted Jay Chou wearing a chain that hangs down from his neck to the center of his chest with a ring around it. On the other hand, Lara is wearing some sort of Egyptian bracelet. She is also wearing a ring, possibly a cubic zirconia ring because it is so shiny. She also had a tiara and necklace which are very similar to the Egyptian style. Jewelry is not only symbolic and ornate, it also helps illustrates the story line in a music video.

Often times, fans will want to dress the way the celebrities do. Fans want to relate to the celebrity they envy by buying the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, CZ rings, shoes, and ect.. The audience’s desires to want that item can actually have viewers watch the videos again because that is the closest that they’ll ever be with the item. It is a great marketing strategy to have the target audience to continuously watch these videos. Music videos are often watched more than once. It will bring more sponsors. Bling also know as jewelry enhances these features in music videos. Bling is necessary to help create a successful music video.

Sep 21, 2009

Dress to Impress Casually

Whenever there is an event, informal or formal, people are ready to wear their most beautiful, elegant, stylish, and flashy attires they have. We are always dressing to impress others. It can make us feel more comfortable of ourselves. Clothing can describe who we are before even saying anything. It can boost our confidence and let us to express ourselves without having second thoughts. In the modern society, it is important to feel confident and what you wear has a huge effect on your confidence level. This is true in places where society will judge you on the clothing and accessories you wear. So how would you dress to impress others in a casual atmosphere?

For guys, it is relatively simple. He can throw on a tee, jeans, flip flops, and he is ready to go. Guys can also wear polo, cargo shorts, button downs, vans, or converses. What really impress others are the accessories they wear. I believe the most impressive things a guy should wear is either a nice necklace, bracelet or watch. A necklace that has the beach-like feel is considered very casual. Wood-beaded necklaces or leather necklaces are very casual. Bracelets on a guy are very fancy. Bracelet is something very basic. It can be made out of strings or just Lance Armstrong wrist bands. I consider wrist bands a type of bracelet merely because it goes around the wrist. Watches are also very flashy for guys. It shows a lot in a guy. Time is very important to him. A potential leader usually wears a watche because his time is very valuable.

For girls, it is a little tougher on deciding what to wear. They will have too match your flats to your dress and then to your bag. Sometimes they will have to match with their earrings and bracelets to go along with the rest of the outfit. Girls will have trouble deciding what earrings to wear because they will have so many. Bracelets are usually worn everyday. Bracelets will not have to be changed as frequent as earrings. Girls will have to wear jewelry to make them look younger and more elegant. It is very casual for girls to wear necklaces and bracelet. It can be very laid-back.

A few brands that I believe are very casual for casual wear are Uniqlo, Gap, Express, American Eagle, Emitations, and H&M. Casual clothing are very important because it is easy to just put something on and leave the house in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to spend too much time on deciding what to wear. If you’re looking for something quick to wear and be able to impress others at the same time, dressing casual is the way to go.

Sep 16, 2009

Should you Shop Online for Jewelry?

The Internet is slowly becoming more and more popular as technology starts to advance throughout the world. Companies, big and small, are trying to compete in the global economy. There are no better ways to reach the world than to sell their stuff online. So when is it a good idea to purchase jewelry online?

I believe that shopping online is so popular among consumers because time is of the essence. Consumers are able to window shop while sitting on their seats. Sometimes it will take a few hours to go to a specific mall. Once you’re there, you will have to find a store and the item you’re looking for. Sometimes they will not have the size you are looking for. Shopping online is more accessible and is relativity easy. Shopping online is also very simple for consumers to use.

Shopping Online can also backfire. You will not be able to look for the item you are purchasing. There may be pictures, but it may also look different once you’ve received the item by mail. You can only use your eyes and the description of the item. Sometimes it isn’t enough to fully understand the item.

Jewelry, although a very broad topic, can also be purchased through the internet. When purchasing any type of jewelry, I feel that it is perfectly common to purchase them online. There is only one exception to this rule, when buying rings for engagements; you should not buy it online. It is very important that you see it yourself first before buying something so expensive and so valuable. This is a life changing item, where you have to feel and see for yourself. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are also very significant, but there is no “sizing” for them. They are considered very universal and therefore it is not necessary to try them on.

Sep 14, 2009

How Technology and Globalization Can Change the Way People Shop

We now come forth to the 21st Century. With technological advances and globalization, there are more options for choosing the style of fashion we truly desire. For those who are on top of the fashion industry, they know that it is difficult to keep up with every style of clothing, jewelry, household items, and other gadgets. To obtain every materialistic object is almost impossible. Therefore, technological advances and globalization gives fashion lovers more varieties, but will limit to what they can purchase.

With a new cell phone coming out every week, it is hard to keep up with the best phones when it becomes released to the public. It's just advancing too quickly for people to be able to even know each cell phone that ever came out. There are too many to choose from. Jewelry, on the other hand, is something that we will not try to keep up with but we will instead buy it for special occasions. Earrings in particular are reused often and will probably not change as quickly through globalization and technology. However, some unusual stones from other countries, may interest some buyers. Clothes and household items have a wide range of products. People are always thinking of better designs for the clothes and more efficient household items. This may change where people want to buy their items from. Clothing and hoseehold items also varys from season to season.
Technology and Globalization are impossible to keep up with. Money is scarce. Comparing to the things people want, the money they earn is not enough to get all the things they desire. We need to limit ourselves to how we shop. Many people live a materialistic life. They would need to buy something in order to feel better of themselves. Technology and Globalizations allows people to think twice of when purchasing anything tangible. That is because there are so many different things in the world and with new things coming out. It is not possible to collect them all.

Sep 10, 2009

Earrings, The Last Accessory to Catch Your Attention

Ears aren‘t the first things people would noticed in a person‘s facial expression. So why is that people would get their ear pierced?

Men and women shows equal interest in getting their ear pierced. Although more common in women than men, it is not rare to see someone with earrings when you walk around. Men that possesses earrings usually have their ears pierced on the left lobe to let others understand that their straight. Piercing on the right ear lobe by American standards, would make us jump to the conclusion that the person is a homosexual. While, women usually has one on each ear, typically located on each lobe of each ear. Some women may have even more than one pierce for their ears. They may also pierce the triangular fossa, which is located near the top corner of the ear. Men would normally get stud earrings. While women can have anywhere from studs, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, to slave earrings.
Slave Earrings
Although slave earrings are hardly worn in urban areas. It has a different style to it. The slave earring connects from the lobe to the triangular fossa. That is about 1 inch of earrings on each side of the ear. Earrings are something hard to notice. This is more common when the hair covers the piercing as well as the earrings. So would different earrings be more suitable for different hair styles? I believe the shorter the hair the small the earring should be and vice versa. You don’t want too big of an earring because the earrings will grab too much attention. Earring should never be the first thing a person notice but rather something that enhances your facial expression.

Sep 7, 2009

Bold Necklaces Work for Fall

It might be hard to believe that fall is already here, especially in parts of the country where the temperatures are still as hot as summer. So you might have a hard time getting in the mindset of sweaters, boots and coats. However, you can start to amp up your inner fall fashionista with accessories that will go the distance. Bold statement necklaces have made their mark on the style scene but if you’ve been holding off on this trend, now’s a great time to pick one of these necklaces up.
statement necklaces
When you look at what’s coming down the runway and being shown splashed across the pages of major fashion magazines, there’s a lot of big bold necklaces. Some of these pieces might be a little over the top, but a lot of them can be translated to everyday wear. We love the use of bright color in deep hues like ruby red, cobalt blue and royal purple. Statement necklaces using these tones are great for adding a little life to darker colored fabrics in browns, grays and blacks. Look for necklaces with bubble gum size beads and stones. Set in yellow gold, these make a winning combination for fall.
statement necklaces
Besides colored necklaces, those that are pure metal are just as favorable. These pieces are versatile enough to go from day to night and will pair well with many selections from your wardrobe. Look for thick settings in yellow gold, rose gold or silver. You don’t have to get the real thing; necklaces that are silver or gold tone look the part and cost a lot less. For more variation, try necklaces that utilize brushed metal, a muted finish or special details like engraving. These small touches can add interest and personality to what might otherwise be a boring outfit.

Sep 2, 2009

Cocktail Ring

Now, one can't imagine a lady's hand without a cocktail ring. These large rings made a spectacularly quick transition (in about a month) from the red carpet to the retail store. And you have to admit that some cubic zirconia rings (CZ rings) are really stunning.