Nov 29, 2009

Importance and Role of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry in Fashion

cz jewelry
Cubic Zirconia jewelry originates by combining Zirconia powder with yttrium oxide and heated about 5000 degree Fahrenheit which results into bright, sparkling crystals which are often used to make different type of Cubic Zirconia jewelry. Cubic Zirconia jewelry can be used for making engagement rings, wedding sets, sterling silver jewelry, white gold, beads, stones etc. Cubic Zirconia jewelry is available in round, oval, octagon, and square, pear, trillion, heart and triangle shape but the variant Cubic Zirconia white AAA is also available in cushion, taper and baguette shapes also. The cost of the Cubic Zirconia jewelry can vary depending on the size and design. Cubic Zirconia jewelry can be used for various occasions namely marriage purposes as a wedding ring which can be selected from different elegant designs and shapes, engagement ring, eternity rings, solitaire rings, platinum rings, anniversary rings, three stone rings. Cubic Zirconia jewelry are also available in different themes which can be a heart shaped, rose shaped, round, square, butterfly shaped, or some shape giving inspiration which can be worn according to the celebration themes. All Cubic Zirconia jewelry is certified by gemological institute with different rating namely A, D, E AA depending on the quality. CZ bracelets are available in the variants of 14 carat, 18 carat with availability in plain, yellow gold, beaded, yellow gold flat, Yellow gold light, white and rose gold, twisted, tri color, yellow gold braided twist, white gold Large and polished, shiny gold, gold hinged swirl. CZ Necklaces are available in very attractive and classic styles with wide range and colors namely pirate skull, cross bones pendants, hearts by yard, bead necklace, Pandora bead, heart with cross pendant etc. The entire Cubic Zirconia jewelry is worldwide used and is globally wide spread. Its unique features make Cubic Zirconia jewelry superior from diamond in spite of the low cost, durable and easily available.

Nov 26, 2009

Cubic Zirconia, the new-age diamond

Cubic zirconia, or CZ as it is popularly known, is the crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. It is a clear crystalline substance which is flawlessly transparent and possesses several diamond-like qualities. It is usually colorless, but color may be added during the process of making it thus giving it a better aesthetic appeal and making it more suitable for use in jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, pendants, clip on earrings and other fashion accessories. Cubic zirconia is often confused with Zircon, which is another type of zirconium compound. CZ, or “artificial diamond”, has been commercially manufactured since 1976 and has rivaled real diamonds ever since because of its low cost, yet real diamond-like qualities. CZ is so alike real diamonds in appearance that it often needs an expert to distinguish between the two, so much so, that its diamond-like qualities even earned it a rightly coined marketing name “Diamonique”.

Cubic zirconia was discovered in 1892 as a naturally occurring, but extremely rare material and its qualities and the uses that it could be put to, prompted scientists to work on procedures to make CZ in laboratory. The first successful attempt came in 1930, however it was not until 1973 that the Soviets perfected the technique and finally in 1976, commercial production began. These days, production of Cubic zirconia around the world is in excess of a hundred million carats annually. This alone is an indicator that certifies the growing popularity of CZ and its qualities that jewelry designers swear by. Innovations and the latest CZ manufacturing techniques have further enhanced and added to its quality. Thin carbon-film coatings and newer techniques of polishing, extremely precise tools and lasers for immaculate cuts and finer crystal making techniques have not only made the humble Cubic zirconia a fine gemstone, but have also reinforced its status as the most promising substitute to diamonds.

Nov 24, 2009

Extravagant Jewelries

Wealthier families do not value money as much than those who are poor. Money comes easy for them. The wealthier families that have too much money lying around don’t know what to do with it. They do not know what they want to spend it on They are willing to pay high prices for high end jewelries. White gold, the most expensive jewelry at the moment is what the wealthier families would try to collect.

Wealthy families would never wear clip on earrings because of the high class people would want their daughter to have their ears pierced instead. It isn’t feminine for girls to not have their ears pierced. They will probably have their child pierced their ear when they are 8 years old so they can spend their extra money on stud earrings or big hoop earrings. The earrings alone may cost a few thousand.

Other wealthy families would buy wear necklaces and bracelets that would cost as much as a car. I know I wouldn’t, but some families will. There are also diamond rings that would cost tens of thousand dollars. The middle class won’t be able to afford that, thus they will only spend about $50 or less dollars on cubic Zirconia rings.

CZ rings are glittery and sparkly metal where u can see it shrine across the room. Although the price is reasonability cheap, the quality says different. They are long lasting and can be used until you don’t like it anymore. They are replaceable because of how low cost CZ rings are.

Nov 22, 2009

Mad for CZ Jewelry!

What’s better than sparkly beautiful jewelry that turns heads when you walk in a room? How about glittery jewels that don’t cost a lot and look just as glam. We’re talking about CZ jewelry. Formerly, this inexpensive substitute for pricier diamonds and gemstones was thought to be for formal occasions only. Thankfully, fashion now-a-days is taking itself a lot less seriously.

cz jewelry
Women are not just wearing CZ jewelry. They’re flaunting it day and night, for work and play. And with a trivial price tag compared to other luxuries, you can feel confidant when buying it. CZ jewelry is man made, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake. Actually, it just means that the crystals were grown in a controlled environment. This means that CZ jewelry is absolutely perfect. The real stones can’t even compare in this aspect.

If you’re even noticed a fashion-forward celeb sporting a multi-million dollar necklace or clip on earrings on the red carpet, then you’ve probably drooled over their bling. But realistically, they don’t even own these pieces. It’s more for show than anything else. But the great thing is that you can get their look without spending a fortune. Online merchants have virtually identical looking pieces in the form of CZ jewelry. So go ahead an indulge – it’s guilt free and fabulous.

fine jewelry
CZ jewelry makes a great gift as well. If you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary or a special someone to buy for during the holidays, consider Cubic Zirconia jewelry as something that will really blow her mind. Today, there are so many great pieces available, the hardest thing is narrowing it down to just to the right one. But even if you go overboard, CZ jewelry is completely affordable to invest in. Remember, you can get the best value when you buy in bulk or in sets.

Nov 19, 2009

The sales of jewelry as the world’s economic recession

When the economy turns bad people will start cutting down their expenses. Families are highly likely to start cutting down their expensive by not buying luxurious items. They would stop buying items like a new car, property, or something elegant like jewelry. The jewelry industry is suffering a great amount of lost because of this. Jewelry is a significant piece of artwork where people would be spending thousands of dollars on. Jewelry symbolizes love, life, liberty, wealth, and fashion. How can you still buy jewelry and cut down on expenses at the same time.

There are something called Cubic Zirconia jewelry. This type of metal is relatively cheap and can be made into cubic zirconia rings, bracelets, necklaces, clip on earrings, and earrings. It looks almost the same as diamond. The only difference is that it isn’t as hard as diamond. They are often times compared to each other as if there were no difference between them. Cubic Zirconia is one of diamonds closest competitors. Of course they are not as good of a quality as diamonds. So CZ jewelry can be a substitute for the expensive diamond. Instead of completely stopping the purchases of jewelry, buying something that are identical works just as well. This may help the economy get back on track.

CZ rings instead of diamonds rings for an anniversary is better than nothing at all. They will be appreciated just as much. At the same the economy will not be in as bad of a recession. They might be able to overturn this tragic time into something better.

Nov 16, 2009

When Clothing Fashion is not Enough...

What would happen if someone told you, your fashion sense is not on par with those whom dedicate their life in fashion? Would you be offended or even a bit confused to why that was the case? You may pay well over thousands of dollars for a casual day and not be complemented by anyone of how well you dress. How can that be changed? What will make your fashion sense different from others? There is a new style in town and it’s jewelry on the clothing. Basically you are customizing the clothes you wear.

When I was in Seoul, Korea, I’ve seen many people that were wearing hats that have jewelry attached on them. It could have been clip on earrings on those hats. Attaching jewelry that will add a little more spice on those hats was something I’ve never seen. It spices it up by giving it a glimmer sparkle. It brings fashion to a whole new level. Imagine when walking around and your jewelries are clinging together making a harmonic sound. How cute would that be?

Jewelry can also be used on button downs. Instead of having plastic buttons, it is possible to have CZ rings on them instead. It will be the fashion of the future. People are always trying to collect things and makes things better. Someone who owns a car will want to keep it as the newest model. They will try to have the fastest engine and the brightest lights. On the other hand, fashion can just be as demanding for people to try to keep up. They will want the new Cubic Zirconia rings that can be attached on as a button or as a button.

This may be a little weird at first, but people are known to adapt. They are willing to try out new things. This is uniqueness that people want to acquire. It only takes a little more time before this will travel the world. Not all jewelries are meant to be worn by the person, but on the clothing. People will be astounded and shocked of how fashionable fashion can become.

Nov 12, 2009

A better diamond!

Diamond has always been there as the most expensive and coveted gem. It is the superlative; it is the extent of perfection. It is the utmost desire of a woman; it is spec less and matchless. The spell is such that none has been able to save them from. It is beyond human efforts. Ages have passed and it is a synonym to the ultimate level of beauty, an unapproachable beauty!

Then humans are also known to have conquered everything- be it the world, nature or themselves. Hence, now this beauty is approachable. Not that it was out of human reach, but now what we have is better than diamond. What restricted us in the case of diamonds was its availability, it was natural occurring, and our efforts to make an imitational one produced cheap substitutes. Then we stuck gold with cubic zirconia. It came across as a substitute to diamond and not just as a substitute, but a worthy substitute. It has created a stir since the time it was developed and has its hold getting stronger day by day. The main area of benefit in its case was that we could produce it at our will and of any size, we wish. Apart from that, it is comparatively very cheap to diamond. The main reason why cubic zirconia is a better diamond because it has higher dispersion rate than diamond, hence it sparkles more than a diamond. Hence, if you place high quality cubic zirconia rings beside a diamond ring the cubic zirconia ring would definitely outshine the diamond one!

This has helped the designers produce new range jewelry, which is more varied, experimental in style and better in quality of appeal. They have come forward to produce designs, which were otherwise unthought-of with diamonds. This not only works good for us but them as well.
Hence now you can have that epitome of beauty adorn your back of the hand at just half the price.

Nov 4, 2009


Earrings are very common in this day and age. Majority of the women in the world has or had earrings before. Typically, earrings would match on both sides of the ears. I’ve been noticing a few women with mismatched earrings. Sometimes one side would be regular earrings and the other side would be clip on earrings. Why is would this occur in such a fashionable time?

I believe because it is a fashionable time period in the world, they would reduce the amount of people having to mismatch their clothing of style. People are always trying to see what match with what clothing. A good example of mismatching is a green shirt and purple pants. Green and purple does not match with each other. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing black, because they can match with a lot of different colors. They follow other people to what’s in. An exceptional few are ready to be something unique wearing mismatching earrings. Although they aren’t tremendously noticeable because of the size of earrings, but it is still discomfited to have mismatched earrings. Girls are able to cover it with their hair if the mismatching earrings were to bother them. Cubic Zirconia rings have also been mismatched. A few people I know will wear multiple CZ rings to look better when going out at night. They will dress all pretty and all of a sudden you look at their fingers and you see different color rings. Multiple rings are more so ostentatious rather than stylish. Having multiple rings is really unnecessary and really hard to match.

I will rather stick to matching with people. Being unique is good, but not to a sense where you get too much attention. There is a saying, getting attention for the wrong reasons. If you want to get attention then becoming talented in something is the way to go.

Nov 3, 2009

Future of Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry has existed for more than 40,000 years. It has a long and extensive history. Each and every country has historical meaning behind jewelries. In various countries, the people whom possess jewelry are usually considered to have higher financial standings. In present days, people use them as gifts, to show how much to think about that person. It shows the importance of the gift receiver to the gift giver. How about the future for fashion jewelry? What does it mean to the people?

I believe the future of fashion jewelry is far too complicated. As the people in the world get wealthier, the prices of jewelry will rise. This goes for Cubic Zirconia rings, gold necklaces, white gold bracelets, silver earrings, and pearl clip on earrings. In big cities, like New York, Beijing, Tokyo, and London, fashion is becoming bigger and bigger. This means jewelries and other accessories are necessary for people to look different. They have to try to have different ways to dress up than someone else. Due to the various and wide range of selection, jewelries are becoming a bit hit; many companies are trying to win over the jewelry business for the sake earning profit in the future.

The reason the CZ rings, gold necklaces, white gold bracelets, silver earrings, and pearl clip on earrings can be so popular is because of the uniqueness of each one. Chances of somebody else buying the same type of jewelry are unusual. There is a long future ahead. Jewelry may or may not become worthless or maybe they will become as valuable as a house. Only time will tell.