Oct 29, 2009

Flashing Fashion

It’s dark and there are only dim street lights to brighten up the path in front of you. You came across a person that was about to cross paths with you, but your eyes would squint and your arms would try to block off the light. You are struggling from the strains on your eye and you wonder where the lights are coming from. You’ve started to realize the jewelry the other person possessed. That girl had some ostentatious jewelry. She had on Cubic Zirconia rings, CZ bracelets, necklaces, and clip on earrings. Jewelry can be so spectacular at times. The fashion of jewelry is stupendous.

The dim beams from the street lights are reflecting off of the immaculate jewelry. The reflection is so strong that it can make the other person strain their eyes. Jewelry can illustrate the refinement in a person. It shows someone personality; their individuality, their inner-self and independence. CZ rings can be very flashy when the female moves her hand around. Glimmering lights will shine in any alleyway by the reflection of her jewelry. The jewelry fashion is so important in modern days.

Fashion outfit is important when going out but fashion jewelry is just as important. The will sort out you from the rest of the people. Jewelry does not always have to be too expensive. For example Cubic Zirconia can get the job done. They will be able to shimmer lights and at the same time show off your fashion statement. Clip on earrings are not as good as earrings when it comes to showing off your fashion statement because it has a potential to fall off and that would be embarrassing.

Oct 26, 2009

Boo on Earrings with Halloween around the Corner

Halloween is an annual holiday where many kids would go out to trick or treat. Celebrated on October 31st, many kids dress up in costumes. Costumes and trick or treating is not limited to kids but many adults as well. People whom celebrate Halloween always have a question on their mind. What to wear or do on Halloween? There are so many possibilities and so many events.

What exactly is a good costume? Everyone has different ideas on what a good costume is. They can be anything from a superhero to villains, successors to commoners, princess to prince. In order to celebrate the traditions of Halloween, you will need to buy a costume in a store. Some costumes do not include jewelry that the super heroes or princesses wear. They only have the attire component to it and not the jewelries. Everyone can just buy a costume and wear it, but there is a selected few who will go further than that to look their very best in the party they are attending. Maybe they can win the Halloween costume contest while they are at it.

People who participate in Halloween can buy green Cubic Zirconia rings for the green lantern from DC comics. Green lantern possesses a powerful ring. It can shoot a green laser been that can cut through almost anything. CZ rings are very shiny and can shimmer through lights in the middle of the night when going trick or treating or at a party. It will make you look distinctive compared to other green lanterns.

Clip on earrings for princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Princess Jasmine is known for her elegance and to be as elegant as she is. The jewelries she has show her well being as a princess. Without it, you become that far off on being princess. There are no other ways to become a princess without the foundation of one. This is the jewelries that Jasmine wears. Earrings and bracelets she wear on her all the time is what makes her princess. The CZ rings and the clip on earring are accessories for the costumes to make the person mimic their ideal Halloween costume.

Oct 22, 2009

Anniversary Gifts

For every romantic relationship, long or short, there will be unforgettable moments. With someone you truly care about, you should not and can not be cheap on buying your significant other something. These moments will stay with you throughout your whole life. The time you spend together, it can be on the first day or on the 60th anniversary, should always be remembered. The best thing to do is to buy them gifts. Anniversaries are the best time to give and receive gifts.

When buying a gift for someone, the buyer will be uncertain or at least hesitate on what to get for the other person. There are so many things to decide from. Personally, I would have to see how long I have been with the person and how much I actually care. I’ve been told that it is best to start out with something small and slowly start to increase in price or size. This maybe true in most cases, however there are some flaws in this statement. Girls always want things. They would love to receive roses, cubic zirconia rings, clip on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, clothes, or perfume. Clip on earrings are good anniversary presents because it can be worn everyday. When she look at the mirror and see the earrings ,she will start thinking about you. Cubic zirconia rings also known as cz rings are cheap versions of diamond rings. This is ideal when getting it for someone when you guys aren’t engaged yet. It is more common between the younger couples. This can also remind the girl of the guy who gave her the ring when she wears it.

Anniversary exists for a reason. It celebrates past events. Something to remember a memorable event or moment. Anniversary gifts are suppose to be long-lasting and never forgotten.

Oct 19, 2009

Rear View Mirror Accessorized

Have you ever wonder how it would feel like to accessorize your car? Add an extra pipe or add leather seats? Many car owners will add bumpers so the car’s bumpers will not get scratched. It will be completely flawless. Other car owners may hang something on their rear view mirror. They may hang scented car fresheners, baby shoes, or stuffed animals. I recommend that we start hanging jewelry.

Due to the limited amount of space on the rear view mirror, I suggest a small type of jewelry. Cubic zirconia rings are small enough to be hung on the rear view mirror. Cubic zirconia rings are very marvelous to look at. As you drive and look at the rear mirror you will be able to see the shimmering light, shining back at you. If it has some representative meaning behind the cz rings it will be even better because when you look at it. It will give you a warm feeling. The feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment while driving is so pleasurable. If sparkling jewelries doesn’t satisfy your taste then get clip on earrings. They come in pairs, so you can hang them on both side of the string. They are very inexpensive. Although it’s not as striking as the cz rings, I feel that they can get the job done.

Jewelries on rear view mirror are something new to accessorizing your car. You have to keep in mind to be careful when adding jewelry to your car. Depending on the neighborhood you’re in, it will tell you if it’s safe or not to leave the jewelry on the rear view window. Otherwise, it will look sizzling, up to date, stylish, and classy. Fresheners, baby shoes, and stuff animals are more typical, but it is not original. Originality comes from a person’s creatively. Individuality and making themselves different is original. Accessorizing your car with cz rings or clip on earrings is unquestionably unusual.

Oct 14, 2009

The thought of losing Jewelry

In many shows and movies, losing jewelry can shift the story to a new direction. A individual who lost the item will start panicking and cause a dramatic shift to the whole story. The transition from the state of normal behavior transforms so rapidly that they would worry before they think where they might have placed it. The feeling of losing something would make someone feel fragile. They will feel so confused and start searching throughout the house or apartment.

If, on the other hand, you purchased cheaper jewelry like, cubic zirconia rings. The pain you suffer from losing it, will not be as painful compared to gold or silver. Due to the economic downfall, less people are willing to purchase high quality stones. CZ rings are similar to diamond rings but cost 1/10th the price. If I were to lose one ring, I would choose the cz ring over the diamond ring. The feeling of losing something so costly is intolerable.

How would you feel if someone lost your clip on earrings that cost $15? How about if someone lost your diamond ring that cost $15,000? Perhaps, the person that lost your $15 can be forgiven, but it’s that much harder for someone who lost the $15,000 ring to be forgiven. It is completely understandable because of the value of the jewelries. One might say that value doesn’t come in price. It depends on how an individual value it. Therefore, losing something irreplaceable can also cause someone to feel depressed and miserable. I’m sure most people have come close or felt like that when they are missing something. That feeling can bother an individual throughout the entire day.

CZ Jewelry VS Diamond

Women all love sparkle jewelry like diamond, but not all of us could afford to buy those stunning stones. So man made jewelry is kind of created for this. When going for sparkle in an economic downturn, cubic zirconia (CZ) might be chosen for a special gift--earrings, bracelets and rings--to a promise, engagement or wedding ring. It appears chic as well as it is quite affordable too.

So what is the difference between diamond and cubic zirconia? Why is cubic zirconia (CZ) quickly becoming more popular as a desirable substitute for diamond? Gemologists can agree that CZ comes closer than any other gem material to matching the characteristics of a diamond.

Weight. CZs are heavyweights in comparison to diamonds; a CZ will weigh approximately 1.75 times more than a diamond of equivalent size. So basically, a piece of CZ the same size as a one-carat diamond weighs about 1.75 carats.

Color. Though a CZ sparkle is colorful, the stone is always white. This is rare in diamonds. Colorless diamonds are extremely rare and more expensive. Diamonds will almost always have a yellow tint to them. Even nearly colorless diamonds--more expensive diamonds that are a little less rare--still have yellow in them. The more yellow, the lower the cost.

Others. Like size, cz jewelry has a large rank of size and is usually bigger than diamonds; and shape and cutting, cubic zirconia could be design in different shape which is so attractived.

Oct 8, 2009

Cubic Zirconia Bralets-Wearable Fashion

Bracelets are perhaps the easiest pieces of jewelry to wear. You can just slip them on your wrist and go, and if you decide to take them off, you can throw them into your purse to take home. And for me, I like to wear some really bling cubic zirconia bracelets. We all know that these cubic zirconia jewelry are affordable and as beautiful as diamond, so why not wear some cz bracelets to make yourself to be stunning?
cubic zirconia jewelry-bracelets
cubic zirconia jewelry-bracelets
cubic zirconia jewelry-bracelets