Dec 27, 2012

Now You Can Get Kobe Steaks Online

The best restaurants in the world will try to tell you that the food they prepare is the best there is.  They will present you with fancy dishes that include exotic ingredients on the plate.  They will try to dazzle you with unique cooking techniques.  The food that these restaurants produce can be very tasty, but for many people the best meal that they can have involves a much simpler menu.  If you put a well-cooked steak and potato in front of someone, you will usually be greeted with a smile.  Most people appreciate the flavor that comes from a perfectly prepared steak.  Restaurants that want to take their steaks to the highest level can turn to Kobe steaks.

Kobe beef comes from the Wagyu cattle that are raised in Kobe of Japan.  The cattle are fed a special grass diet.  They are given massages and the amount of exercise they get is limited.  This causes the cattle to build less muscle and to have more fat than other cattle.  The extra fat creates a marbling effect that enhances the flavor of the steaks.  It costs more to raise the cattle in this way and that makes the price of Kobe beef much higher than other traditional steaks.  It is also very difficult to find real Kobe beef outside of Japan.  If taking a trip to Japan for a steak dinner is not an option, you might want to see what the online retailers have to offer.

It takes time and patience to find real Kobe beef online.  The retailers on the Internet offer what they call Kobe style steaks for sale online.  Due to the laws and restrictions it is not easy to export the real Kobe beef outside of Japan.  Instead, the same type of cattle is raised in other countries.  The methods for raising the cattle are the same outside of Japan as it is in Japan.  These cattle cannot be called true Kobe beef and instead go by the name of Wagyu steaks or Kobe style steaks.  When you buy these steaks online you are still getting a premium steak that has the great taste that you are looking for.

Online shopping for steaks may not be something that people are used to, but it is a great way to get a high quality steak at a price that you can afford.  Instead of taking yourself to Japan for a great steak, you can get the same thing delivered to your front door.

Dec 11, 2012

The Different Grades of Beef Steaks

Beef steak is perhaps one of the most popular dishes that people enjoy eating. However, it is important that you know the different grades of beef and choose the right grade of beef for your steaks, especially when there are many companies offering premium steaks online and in the stores.

The beef steak’s grade tells you whether it is of good quality or not and allows you to buy the best possible grade of meat that you can afford. There are three kinds of grades of beef which assess the beef’s quality and are mostly identified by the amount of fat that can be seen streaking through the muscle tissue, which is referred to as marbling. These three are prime beef, choice beef and select beef.

Prime Beef: Steak classified under this rank is perhaps the highest rated meat across the United States. Beef that has a lot of marbling means that it has a lot of flavor too. However, it is not the only factor that affects its flavor. Factors like feed quality, the meat’s aging and the fine texture also adds to it. This kind of meat is often served in fine dining restaurants and specialty meat markets. You will not see this kind of meat just by going to a regular fast food or dining stall. However, there are some websites offering prime steaks online and it is now convenient to get prime beef.

Choice Beef: USDA choice is perhaps the next best thing after USDA prime beef. Though it has less marbling than prime, it has enough for it to have more flavor than select beef.

Select Beef: This meat has the least marbling on it which makes it a bit leaner than the aforementioned beef grades. Since it has less marbling, it may not be as tender and juicy as compared to choice beef and prime beef. If you plan on cooking a high-quality steak then your best choice would be the prime beef rather than the select beef. You will often find this kind of select beef being sold in the local meat market near you.

If possible, buy meat having the best grade that you can afford. If you are unable to purchase a USDA prime beef, then go for the next best one which is USDA choice beef. Furthermore, look for steaks that are firm to the touch as well as those having a fine texture. Good quality meat is also recognized by its’ light reddish color as opposed to a deep red color. And the most important aspect that you should check in a beef is its marbling. Remember, more marbling means that the beef’s flavor is better.

Nov 14, 2012

Buying Prime Steaks From Online Meat Shops

Without doubt, the best steaks online are from a few selected good quality meat shops. Since it is not the traditional way of buying beef from your meat shop around the neighborhood or your frequent grocery store, the quality of meat is mainly judged by recommendations and testimonials from loyal customers.

It is now easy to find prime steaks online as long as you know how to choose them well. Since prime steaks are expensive, having the best online meat shop is the most essential part in purchasing the ideal prime steaks.

Here are a couple of recommended steps for finding the perfect prime steak for you:

• Do some research and find the best meat shops online. Good steaks can usually be judged by recommendations and descriptions. Online meat shops have pictures of their beef but not everyone is presented with the same appearance of beef in person. So it is better to know from other people if they really do deliver the freshest meat out there and make sure the products are not frozen. The recommendable meat shops often offer a wide variety of meat and deliver fresh meat.

• Look for the grading of meat. Prime is the highest grade for beef and is the most expensive. Prepare to have a bigger budget for it than usual.

• Choose prime steaks that have the most marbling since these are the most flavorful compared to those that appear to have less or no fat at all.

• The best steaks online are sold to customers fast and fresh. Find out where their store is located so you can calculate the distance from the store to your house and how long it takes for delivery.

• Know how you will pay for it. These online meat shops differ in payment options. Some prefer paying via credit cards, PayPal or bank deposits. Choose the one that provides you the most convenient option.

• Make sure you check the products upon delivery to see if it is a prime steak, has cherry red color and has marbling. If not, don’t hesitate to voice your concerns to the company by contacting them via their phone number or e-mail address. Tell them that you’re unsatisfied with your purchase and ask that they refund you or deliver a quality product.

Generally speaking, the best way to buy steaks from an online meat shop is to choose the one that guarantees you the best meat, offers excellent customer service and guarantees satisfaction. Don’t scrimp on your order since steaks are worth it as long as the meat is fresh and in excellent quality. Treating yourself once in a while is good after a hard day at work. Indulge and savor every single bite of your prime steak.

Oct 25, 2012

How to Find Kobe Steaks for Sale Online

Kobe beef has made a mark in the world of steaks with its tenderness and high marbling. Ask any meat connoisseur and they will tell you that Kobe beef is the finest meat in the world. This widespread appreciation has made the media notice this steak. The popularity lured many restaurants and steakhouses to stock up on it. Although most people go to supermarket to pick up Kobe steaks, it is possible to find them online as well. Many people have not yet adapted to the online food shopping culture, as it happens to be an unfamiliar process.

Kobe beef, as most of us know, comes from the Japanese Wagyu cattle that are raised in the mountainous Kobe region. They are fed with specific food and beer, and are raised as well as slaughtered under strict regulations. Kobe steaks are known to provide numerous health benefits. They do not add to your cholesterol level. This steak contains a good percentage of healthy fats and fatty acids. This adds to its charm in addition to its flavor and taste. However, all good things come for a price. The same holds true in the case of Kobe beef. It is usually priced higher than average beef; hence it is not so affordable. But there is a way around this. You can look out for sales. Many websites offer steaks for sale online.

The reason why some of us shop for food online is to save on time without sacrificing taste. We expect a similar if not better taste when compared to our local butcher shop or supermarket. A good website will sell products tested by the USDA as well as by satisfied customers. You must do your research well to find the trusted websites that will deliver fresh beef to your doorstep.

According to a recent study, the taste of a steak is not only defined by the fat present but also by the diet of the cattle. Since Wagyu cattle feed on organic grains it is safe to assume that they will taste amazing. So do not wait any longer. Sign up for the promotional list of a trusted website and get details of all steaks for sale online. Stock up and invite your friends over for a barbecue. The addition of Kobe steaks to the menu is going to leave your guests yearning for more.

Oct 18, 2012

How to Buy the Best Prime Steaks Online

People’s living patterns have changed over the last few decades. Desk jobs have made us sit through the entire day, leaving us hardly any time for exercise. The global job market has forced many to work with teams distributed all around the world. With this kind of lifestyle, people are switching to healthier eating options. They are more particular about their calories and the times during which they take their meals. The World Wide Web is full of articles that provide insight into the best food and variety of meat that work best for our body and lifestyle. With the food industry becoming ever more prevalent on the Internet, steak lovers around the world can now order the best steaks online with a click of a button.

The United States Department of Agriculture has played a big role in this endeavor. They are responsible for the quality of food sold online. In fact, a USDA certificate can help you decide which products to buy and what to skip. USDA certified prime steaks online is one category that no meat fan should miss. They promise to provide the most tender and flavorful taste to the customer. The USDA ensures this tenderness and flavor in all prime steaks, which make it one of the most sold steaks on the Web today.

It is not easy to get a USDA prime certification. Only 1-3 percent of the country’s total beef produced get the USDA prime label. This decision is based on the high marbling ratio of the beef and its age. This kind of distinction helps the consumer get the best quality meat, which also happens to be a healthier option. When shopping for steaks online, one should be alert about the color of the meat. Good quality meat is bright red in color and contains fine streaks of white. The white represents fat that must run through the entire meat. Of course putting it in a delicious recipe further enhances the flavor of the steak. Knowing proper grilling techniques for your meat is also an essential requirement.

Online shopping is always a convenient method because you need not spend hours in the market to get your hands on your favorite steak. Your favorite chunk will be delivered to you on your preferred date.

Sep 24, 2012

Kobe Beef Steaks for Sale Online

Of all the steaks that are available online, Kobe steaks make up some of the best and top-quality steaks that you can find out there. Shopping for steaks online is also very convenient, providing you time to focus on your other daily tasks. You can remain worry-free, as your meat will be delivered right to your doorstep. 

There are a number of reasons as to why Kobe steaks are considered to be some of the best in the world. Kobe beef actually refers to meat that comes from Wagyu cattle, especially those that have been bred and raised in Tajima. This unique breed of cattle is raised similarly today as it was centuries ago, and this explains how the quality of the meat has been able to remain constant over the years. In addition to this, Kobe steaks are arguably the best steaks for sale online. 

There are a number of characteristic that set Kobe steaks apart from others. The first is the wonderful flavor. Secondly, this type of beef has a thin layer of fat covering the meat, making it a healthier choice for consumption. Since there are countless steps required to produce this top-quality range of meat, Kobe steaks are usually harder to find at the butchers’; however, some butchers may carry a small amount. 

You are, therefore, more likely to find Kobe steak at high-end restaurants. The Internet has largely contributed to the increase of Kobe beef in the meat market, and more and more people are now able to purchase the beef. In addition to this, prices for Kobe beef are now also much lower, which means a wider range of people can now access this kind of meat. 

There are some items you should consider to ensure that you are purchasing authentic Kobe steaks. First, determine the origin of the cow where the meat was extracted. The cow should have been bred in Tajima for the meat to be considered authentic Kobe.

Secondly, look into the history of the cattle before you settle down on your choice of Kobe steak. They need to have been fed at the same farms where they came from. Additionally, they should be raised in the traditional Japanese way. 

So when looking at steaks for sale online, it is a good idea to consider buying Kobe steaks for your next barbecue.

Sep 13, 2012

Wagyu Tastes Great and Is Good For Your Health

Wagyu is widely considered to be some of the best steaks online, and for good reason. The meat is tender and full of flavor, not to mention it comes with many health benefits. The idea that meat is healthy to eat has enticed many people to make the switch to Wagyu. Consumers are now buying and eating this great cut of meat on a regular basis. It is widely available online, which has largely contributed to the success of Wagyu steaks.
Originally from Japan, Wagyu is renowned for its great flavor and tenderness. The Wagyu cattle were bred mainly for farming in Japan. Later it became famous around the world for its meat. Now the Japanese government bans the exportation of Wagyu and the prices of Wagyu beef are quite high. This makes Wagyu beef a top choice for beef lovers. The meat can also be cooked in a variety of ways, including traditionally and served with Hashi, making it a great choice for any type of dinner. Grilling Wagyu is also widely popular and will definitely be the highlight of the barbecue.
Due to its high rate of monounsaturated fat, Wagyu is also great for human health, as it carries a lower risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. For those who are health conscious, it is refreshing to know that there is a healthy choice for meat lovers out there.
Wagyu, one of the best steaks online, has actually been seen to have some great health benefits. The meat has been known to reduce the chances of heart disease, asthma and diabetes. It has also been seen to reduce body fat as well as improve the immune system and increase general wellness levels.
Additional health benefits that have been associated with the consumption of Wagyu include more long-term benefits that are brought about by the high levels of CLA in Wagyu, which is the same as you would find in dairy products. The beef is also known to boost energy levels, and Wagyu has been proven to be great source energy for the working person’s hectic schedule.
Wagyu is widely considered to be gourmet beef and is arguably the best steak online. People are beginning to discover the health benefits of Wagyu, and they are choosing it over other cuts of meat. Wagyu is widely available online, with some great deals to help you get more value for your money.

Aug 23, 2012

The Perfect Steak Outside the Box

Summer cookouts deserve the best steak you can offer to your guests. Prime steaks online makes it a bit easier for you to prepare your meal ahead of time to make time for other important aspects of your life. The abundance of ready-to-grill steak burgers and hot dogs provides you with countless options when trying to decide which food to prepare for that sizzling summer day outdoors.

There are countless varieties to choose from. Prime steaks online are also pre-packaged, so you do not need to spend too much time trying to determine which beef will work for which meal. Omaha Steaks, for example, can help you fire up the grill and save with The Ultimate Value Collection package. You can have filet mignon, boneless strips, top sirloins and Omaha steak burgers in this package, which is perfect for that summer outdoor activity with friends and family. 

Steaks have incredible flavors, and online meat shops offer you the perfect cut to go with any meal. 

Online steak gifts have also slowly gained popularity in the U.S. There are a number of websites offering the option to send gifts for you to surprise a steak lover friend or family member. You can send a tenderloin roasting kit or a prime rib dinner kit to a person close to your heart. You can rest assured that the meat is freshly packed just the way you would do it yourself. If you are budget conscious, you can even find packages that cost less than $100. Whatever your style is, online steak gifts can be one of the sweetest way to remind friends and family that you are thinking of them. Online steak gifts are a one-time delivery, and the package will be delivered to you or your guest recipient at the doorstep in an insulated, reusable cooler packed with dry ice.

Online meat shops provide you with the option to purchase a single order or sign up for a monthly delivery plan. This is an added convenience, as pre-orders can save immense amounts of time. It is also best to surf the Internet for reviews to guarantee that you will get the best value for your money. You can find valuable information to help you decide how to shop for prime steaks and online steak gifts, making this summer a truly memorable one.