Jun 28, 2011

How Silver Jewelry is ordered

There are many reasons why people prefer using various kinds of jewelry such as silver jewelry and other known types of elements. This is due to the natural attributes found in silver. Unlike other types of metals, silver is known not to rust, meaning it lasts longer than any other type of jewelry in the market. Hence, most people prefer using this kind of accessory rather than using any other. Another improvement of jewelry with other types of accessory is that it tends to be cheaper than gold and platinum. Due to its inexpensive price, more people would be able to use it. This is actually the main lesson when it comes to silver, for those who enjoy them, there are limited accessories that can be created and there would be a lot of designs to choose from.

Some of the designers for silver are known to create various types of designs and patterns. In terms of silver ring jewelry, there are over a hundred designs that are possible. Some are more complicated than others. For instance, there is the famous silver puzzle ring which is designed as a puzzle. When jumbled, the puzzle actually turns into a new type of pattern. This is actually the type of setting that most jewelers would use. They would apply all sorts of pattern and all sorts of design. There is also the heart necklace made from silver. This type of pattern is known to attract lovers because it is quite unique and it has all sorts of possibilities. For example, some lovers prefer using this pattern added with a locket. Their pictures can then be added to the necklace in order to create a very unique pattern. Sometimes, there are also some jewelers which as known to etch names on their designs. The names can be of lovers or it can be the name of the one that requested the jewelry. Through using different kinds of patterns, they would be able to share their uniqueness with the world. Of course, the patterns can either be a very elaborate or magical design depending on the jeweler. Orders for sterling silver earrings can also be done. The orders would depend on the request of the customer as well as the markings. This means that the one that requested the jewelry can either have his own design or he can ask a different kind of design from the maker.

Jun 26, 2011

Precious Silver and sterling Silver Jewelry

A Silver ring or a silver bracelet is much less expensive than a gold one. That is why it is very popular among jewelers and the men as well. Unlike golden rings, silver based rings can be easily afforded by a lot of people around the world, while gold on the other hand can only be afforded by royalty or individuals above the normal level. Though silver is quite cheaper than gold, it is still being considered as a very precious alloy. Another good reason why many guys are seen wearing silver jewelries like rings, earrings, brooches, and bracelets is that because of its shiny with a non biased look, making it easier to be used or matched on just any color of clothing.

Silver is not only used for jewelry but it is also vital in various types of industries. It can be mixed with mercury and other metal to make dental materials used for filling teeth. Silver also plays a vital role in terms of the medical field. Silver ions and compounds show a very toxic effect on both viruses and certain kinds of bacteria. In fact, back in the old days, silver were used to prevent infection way before the practice of aseptic techniques and other forms of medication.

Silver jewelry is a precious metallic element that has a very reasonable symbol. In Latin terms it stands for what the people believed before as pure and white. Silver is actually white and lustrous by nature and of its style. Silver has the highest electrical protection and thermal control among all metals.

Silver is used in various forms. Particularly it is used in making jewelry, decorations, utensils or cups, and money. It is also used as an electrical conductor because it has a very high conductivity ratio. Some people do not know this but silver is also used as a chemical combination for certain mixtures, like silver solutions that is utilized in the realms of photography.

Silver is quite malleable, it is a little harder than other metals. That is why silver crafting is very popular in the world of jewelries. And that is also another reason why Sterling silver rings cannot around a 98 or even a hundred percent on its own. It is also where sterling silver comes in. Sterling silver is a mixture of ninety two percent silver which is having the highest possible value for jewelries, and the rest would be lead, zinc, or copper.

Jun 19, 2011

Today’s Metro Man and his Adornments

Gold or silver jewelry have always been associated with women, beautiful as they are. They added to the beauty of women in a myriad of ways. However, it is not the exclusive domain of women. Until three or four decades ago men, in general, avoided wearing jewelry although they have been wearing it in various ornamental forms throughout the ages. You could see the kings and Pharaohs of yore adorned in jewelry in movies and portraits. Ordinary men were not averse to wearing jewelry - there were men's ornaments that signified a tribe, group or community. There was some jewelry that meant to show achievements, the same as medals did.

Today's men can also wear ornaments of their choice. There is designer jewelry that can work as an exclusive signature or a calling card, as it were. While gold or platinum are good, silver jewelry, especially sterling silver jewelry, has the distinction of exuding a manly ardor the other two metals lack. Picture Yule Brynner in The Ten Commandments with his glorious silver jewelry and the enigma increases greatly.

Men in the United States started wearing wedding bands in the 1940s. These men's adornments served as a sort of answer to women's wedding rings and other ornaments. What is more, sterling silver jewelry sets comprising of all the possible items that are likely to be worn by the bride and the groom can be had for special prices. A visit to a jeweler or a peep into the hundreds of websites can help you choose the best sterling silver jewelry that suits you and your partner. Depending upon your individual taste, you can have flashy or subtle designs that are simple but elegant, or intricate with an air of sophistication about them.

The metro man today is liberated enough to try on anything that a woman wears. Silver jewelry is put anywhere on the body as your imagination takes you. You might be amused at first, but see the sensibility of it all when you yourself try it on. Who knows, you may even stick with silver jewelry and even recommend it to some or all of your friends. No one is going to look askance or even raise an eyebrow. You can just walk breezily along and you will more than likely be appreciated and complimented for the silver jewelry you are glittering in.

Jun 16, 2011

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips

It is known that silver gets tarnished after being used for some time, and this makes silver jewelry require a lot of attention and care. It is possible to clean silver jewelry at home using techniques that require just few tools. The method that is used to clean the sterling silver jewelry in the house is simple.

The first thing to do is to collect all the ingredients that are needed for the cleaning. The necessary ingredients are baking powder, salt, water and an aluminum plate. These are things that are commonly used for the household chores hence it is effortless to collect them. Once the ingredients are in place, put a tablespoonful of baking powder and salt onto the plate, add some lukewarm water to the plate and stir it until the mixture of baking powder and salt gets dissolved. Place the silver in the solution for a moment. Ensure that you do not use boiling water as that might end up causing damage to sterlting silver jewelry. The time that the silver takes before losing the black stains will depends on how it was tarnished in first place.

If it was very tarnished, it will need a lot more brushing. You should use a brush that has soft bristles and run it gently on silver for around ten minutes after it has been immersed in the solution that was prepared earlier. When cleaning jewelry that is plated with silver, the brushing should be minimum and done gently in order to prevent the scraping off of silver plating.

This method should not be used when cleaning the antique silverware, as it could have been oxidized to have the vintage look. Putting it in a concoction that has salty water will make the oxidization peel off. The other affective way of cleansing silver jewelry is by using toothpaste. A gentle layer of the toothpaste should be applied on silver followed by scrubbing for about a minute.

After the scrubbing, the silver should be washed using lukewarm water and then wiped with a clean towel. After the cleaning, it will get its shine back. When drying the sterling silver jewelry, it is important to choose the right cloth material. The cloth that is used should be 100 percent cotton like sweat shirts and T-shirts. The other materials that can be used for drying are cotton balls, silver materials or soft flannel material that is unbleached.

Taking Care of Silver Jewelry Allergies

It has been noted that as silver jewelry continues to become more popular, there is also a rise in the number of people who are allergic to silver. Jewelry allergies used to be associated with women but, due to the increasing number of men who are wearing jewelry these days, a number of male patients have also been recorded. Unfortunately, most of the people who think that they are allergic to silver jewelry are actually not allergic to the silver metal, but to a different metal content in the silver jewelry. Original pure silver is very soft, making it hard to have still designs, so other components, like nickel, are added to it to make it harder - and it is these added contents that causes the allergies.

The first things you may need to know are the signs of the allergies. One of the signs is a skin rash around the area of contact with the silver jewelry. It is always around the contact area, but sometimes spreads to other surrounding parts of the body. In addition, if you feel itchy in the area of contact of the silver jewelry you should also know that you are allergic to silver jewelry. This may not show immediately, but only after 20 minutes or more of wearing it.

When you notice that you have the signs, the best thing one should do is to stop using the silver jewelry as soon as possible and try your best not to scratch the itching part, as this can break your skin and welcome other infections. See a dermatologist as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis before starting treatment.

If you are in love with silver jewelry and you just cannot do without it, then the best option is to go for sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is 92.5% pure silver and the advantage is that it has no content of nickel, as nickel is the main cause of the skin allergies. Or you can use clear protective coating that will help to stop the contact between the silver jewelry and your skin. Also available in the market are earring sleeves.

A nickel allergy in most cases shows quickly and develops blisters if a patient has continued contact with it for a number of days. It is surprising that some people wear the jewelry for a long time before they start getting the allergy. A nickel allergy mostly becomes a lifelong allergy once it develops.

Jun 12, 2011

How to Safely Buy Silver Jewelry Online

Today the internet is more popular than ever before and, to the average person, it is a way of life because everything they do is online. The internet is one of the best places to find the best deals for silver jewelry, because you have access to all the sellers worldwide and it will not take a lot of time to check out their offers and compare them. You will not need to walk round the whole town trying to find where you can get the best silver jewelry at the best prices.

Buying silver jewelry online may be the best way, but with it comes some difficulties. For example, you will not know whether what you are paying for is genuine silver, as you will not have it in your hands to perform any test, because you only receive it after payment. You will not even know if you are buying from trusted sellers or fraudsters.

To avoid becoming a victim of the above you need to take the following into consideration when it comes to buying silver jewelry online:

1. Always buy from established sellers. It takes time for one to make a name in business and once you are there you will not want to do anything that will bring you down. So it is hard for an established seller to sell you fake sterling silver jewelry.
2. If you have chosen a supplier and now want to buy from them, try to browse for reviews about that particular website online, just to find out what other people are saying about it. If a website is a scam you will always find consumer complaints, so in case you come across complains the best thing you can do is run away from that website.
3. Make sure the website is well designed and organized with good pictures of their silver jewelry so that you can have a look at the products in detail. Most well designed and organized websites with enough information about their silver jewelry are owned by legitimate companies. Remember, I am not saying all of them are legitimate.
4. Last, but not least, the website should have SSL security. This will help protect your credit card information; and always make sure the web page address where you enter your credit card information starts with https:// not http://.

Buying genuine silver jewelry safely online can be hard, but with the tips above you can avoid many disappointments.

Jun 1, 2011

The present and modern design of silver jewelry

There are various designs that have been made by people who deal with jewelry. The designs vary quite a bit. Creativity plays a major role when designing and styling the ornaments. Every other day, there are new designs that hit the market.

Most of them are usually handmade. One can see that there is precise attention that has been given to the adornments. The present silver jewelry could be simple and stylish or quite deep with complex designs. The pieces are articulate and distinct in their own unique way.

The fashion element is usually incorporated and every piece has its own identity. Jewelry made from silver is usually an intrinsic part of most peoples' lives who adore the treasure. One may find that customers dare to shop for complex designs that will not only look good on them but will also compliment whatever style or even events they may attend.

The modern jewelry made by various companies and designers ensures that when the precious metal hits the shelves, it sits proud as an object that shows value. Some may look stunning and at the same time unusual, which makes them more attractive to customers. They delight anyone who understands the intricacies of making sterling silver jewelry and the process. Amazing showpieces can be found in various stores that specialize in this precious metal.

Wire artists love making the jewelry because they use the silver wire metal that is malleable and gives a fantastic background for any gems and beads. Artisans are wide and diverse and their knowledge on silver makes it more interesting to create, always, designs that stand out and are different from each other.

The skills needed to make the styles are of high value. Some of the handmade crafters can make special designs every time one makes an order. This ensures that the client gets the best-customized sterling silver jewelry that will suit the lifestyle and can be worn in any occasion.

The hot trends in silver wear designs have captured many people from all over the world. That is why many designers are making daily efforts to improve on the designs to have unique products on sale.

However, the quality of the designed jewelry varies. The shinning alluring metal is quite charming to many people. The present designs used make it even better and more attractive.