Jun 26, 2011

Precious Silver and sterling Silver Jewelry

A Silver ring or a silver bracelet is much less expensive than a gold one. That is why it is very popular among jewelers and the men as well. Unlike golden rings, silver based rings can be easily afforded by a lot of people around the world, while gold on the other hand can only be afforded by royalty or individuals above the normal level. Though silver is quite cheaper than gold, it is still being considered as a very precious alloy. Another good reason why many guys are seen wearing silver jewelries like rings, earrings, brooches, and bracelets is that because of its shiny with a non biased look, making it easier to be used or matched on just any color of clothing.

Silver is not only used for jewelry but it is also vital in various types of industries. It can be mixed with mercury and other metal to make dental materials used for filling teeth. Silver also plays a vital role in terms of the medical field. Silver ions and compounds show a very toxic effect on both viruses and certain kinds of bacteria. In fact, back in the old days, silver were used to prevent infection way before the practice of aseptic techniques and other forms of medication.

Silver jewelry is a precious metallic element that has a very reasonable symbol. In Latin terms it stands for what the people believed before as pure and white. Silver is actually white and lustrous by nature and of its style. Silver has the highest electrical protection and thermal control among all metals.

Silver is used in various forms. Particularly it is used in making jewelry, decorations, utensils or cups, and money. It is also used as an electrical conductor because it has a very high conductivity ratio. Some people do not know this but silver is also used as a chemical combination for certain mixtures, like silver solutions that is utilized in the realms of photography.

Silver is quite malleable, it is a little harder than other metals. That is why silver crafting is very popular in the world of jewelries. And that is also another reason why Sterling silver rings cannot around a 98 or even a hundred percent on its own. It is also where sterling silver comes in. Sterling silver is a mixture of ninety two percent silver which is having the highest possible value for jewelries, and the rest would be lead, zinc, or copper.

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