Oct 26, 2009

Boo on Earrings with Halloween around the Corner

Halloween is an annual holiday where many kids would go out to trick or treat. Celebrated on October 31st, many kids dress up in costumes. Costumes and trick or treating is not limited to kids but many adults as well. People whom celebrate Halloween always have a question on their mind. What to wear or do on Halloween? There are so many possibilities and so many events.

What exactly is a good costume? Everyone has different ideas on what a good costume is. They can be anything from a superhero to villains, successors to commoners, princess to prince. In order to celebrate the traditions of Halloween, you will need to buy a costume in a store. Some costumes do not include jewelry that the super heroes or princesses wear. They only have the attire component to it and not the jewelries. Everyone can just buy a costume and wear it, but there is a selected few who will go further than that to look their very best in the party they are attending. Maybe they can win the Halloween costume contest while they are at it.

People who participate in Halloween can buy green Cubic Zirconia rings for the green lantern from DC comics. Green lantern possesses a powerful ring. It can shoot a green laser been that can cut through almost anything. CZ rings are very shiny and can shimmer through lights in the middle of the night when going trick or treating or at a party. It will make you look distinctive compared to other green lanterns.

Clip on earrings for princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Princess Jasmine is known for her elegance and to be as elegant as she is. The jewelries she has show her well being as a princess. Without it, you become that far off on being princess. There are no other ways to become a princess without the foundation of one. This is the jewelries that Jasmine wears. Earrings and bracelets she wear on her all the time is what makes her princess. The CZ rings and the clip on earring are accessories for the costumes to make the person mimic their ideal Halloween costume.

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