Sep 21, 2009

Dress to Impress Casually

Whenever there is an event, informal or formal, people are ready to wear their most beautiful, elegant, stylish, and flashy attires they have. We are always dressing to impress others. It can make us feel more comfortable of ourselves. Clothing can describe who we are before even saying anything. It can boost our confidence and let us to express ourselves without having second thoughts. In the modern society, it is important to feel confident and what you wear has a huge effect on your confidence level. This is true in places where society will judge you on the clothing and accessories you wear. So how would you dress to impress others in a casual atmosphere?

For guys, it is relatively simple. He can throw on a tee, jeans, flip flops, and he is ready to go. Guys can also wear polo, cargo shorts, button downs, vans, or converses. What really impress others are the accessories they wear. I believe the most impressive things a guy should wear is either a nice necklace, bracelet or watch. A necklace that has the beach-like feel is considered very casual. Wood-beaded necklaces or leather necklaces are very casual. Bracelets on a guy are very fancy. Bracelet is something very basic. It can be made out of strings or just Lance Armstrong wrist bands. I consider wrist bands a type of bracelet merely because it goes around the wrist. Watches are also very flashy for guys. It shows a lot in a guy. Time is very important to him. A potential leader usually wears a watche because his time is very valuable.

For girls, it is a little tougher on deciding what to wear. They will have too match your flats to your dress and then to your bag. Sometimes they will have to match with their earrings and bracelets to go along with the rest of the outfit. Girls will have trouble deciding what earrings to wear because they will have so many. Bracelets are usually worn everyday. Bracelets will not have to be changed as frequent as earrings. Girls will have to wear jewelry to make them look younger and more elegant. It is very casual for girls to wear necklaces and bracelet. It can be very laid-back.

A few brands that I believe are very casual for casual wear are Uniqlo, Gap, Express, American Eagle, Emitations, and H&M. Casual clothing are very important because it is easy to just put something on and leave the house in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to spend too much time on deciding what to wear. If you’re looking for something quick to wear and be able to impress others at the same time, dressing casual is the way to go.

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