May 19, 2011

Silver jewelry, reveals a woman’s beauty inside out

Are there still people owning big hearts? Socialists often say that people are rude and as harmful as the lion. As of today people claims that big hearts never ever existed and tend to forget all the traits of a good man. That will all be the reason why people believe that it is so hard to be humble.

If you do good, in the eyes of people you are bad, if you do bad then you are still bad. What a worst scenario. If there are people who have good hearts, they are maybe few. From the view of Christians, conceit or vanity is the root of all your bad habits or actions. It is your token to fantasize for drugs, money and fame. Nevertheless, what is this all about if you have diamonds, gold and silver if you are rugs in the eye of God and in the eye of the law? Be good, this is all what you hear from parents and priest or preachers in the church. Anyway, all they teach is not for their own, it is all for everyone’s sake to prosper.

Many reports from the media tale about people winning lotteries and other raffle draws who get rich instantly but after few years, they turned beggars and penniless. It is because they got hooked by gold digger women and strip all the wealth they have. Women are said to be the man’s failure. This is the reason why women are less superior to a man. Women are just beauty and born to serve men. They must wear fine clothing and are adorned with silver jewelry to please their husband. Thus, women must wear silver jewelry and stunning diamonds just to reveal their beauty that shines under these perfectly shape stones.

Sometimes, a man makes use of silver ring, bracelet or necklace as a present to his beloved ones (mother, sister, and wife). Centuries tell that silver are best things to beautify women. In some aspects, sterling silver jewelry is not the woman’s beauty but it is her heart and deeds. The woman from Mexico becomes the headliner of all the newspaper because she brought the world’s number one silver jewelry she found at the mall’s restroom to the trusted news media in their country. She never thought of owning the expensive jewelry, rather she did what she think is right. She is not attractive yet she got a good heart that made her beautiful inside and out!

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