Mar 30, 2011

Types of Silver Jewelry

Silver is the metal that is mostly used these days to make the silver jewelry. It is considered one of the precious metals for making jewelry. This silver jewelry is very affordable than any other precious metal. There are many different types of the silver jewelry. These different types are used to make silver bracelet, sterling silver ring etc. Some of the famous type of silver to use in the making of jewelry is discussed in this article;

Sterling Silver
This type of silver is pure up to 92 % and it is very hard form of silver. This silver is used to make the bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles and many more.

Silver Gemstone
It is used to produce every type of the accessory of the silver. The gemstones produce the elegancy and beauty in the jewelry. The color of these gemstones is dark and they come in several colors.

Pure Silver
This silver contains almost 99% of silver in it and it is the purest type of silver jewelry. It is very shiny and smooth. It is also quite expensive to buy due to its features. It is also used to make the rings, necklace, bracelets, bangles, and many other accessories. This type is not available in bulk in the market.

German silver
It is made up of the mixture of the zinc, copper and nickel. This type of silver is very tough and hard. It is also very durable and does not get dull. But many people avoid using this kind as it contains nickel due to which the people get allergic to it.

Oxidized Silver
This type of silver is also very dark and they give antique and dark look to the accessories. The accessories made up of this have bright and good look. Accessories such as nose ring, ring, bracelets, necklace, and anklets are being made up using this silver.
These all are some of the famous type of silver. Every type has its own uniqueness and beauty with different features. These all types are used to create the different types of accessories of silver. Make yourself stylish and up to date by means of the silver jewelry.

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