Mar 2, 2011


Man uses a number of things to decorate himself in order to appear attractive and noticeable among the people. These things include wearing fashionable clothes, shoes and jewellery. Women specially are fascinated by jewellery which include several items like necklaces, rings, earrings and many other items available in the market that fit on different parts of body ranging from hairs to feet. Hands are highly considered for jewellery items to wear. Rings, bracelets and bands are worn in hands both by men and women.

As far as the rings are concerned they are composed of different materials. A Rings is a circular and hollow object that fits on to your finger. Fingers on your hand form an ideal part of our body where a ring can fit perfectly fitted and viewed and appreciated by others. Special interest of women is in diamond rings though some other rings like those containing other precious substances like gems, gold etc are also worn depending on choice and economical condition of the people. Despite that, one important determinant is the influence of other people i.e. the recent trend or fashion of jewellery that is going on during a time period. Varieties of rings are designed and advertised to be sold.

Some rings are worn on special occasion and from then on, they signify a relationship are eternity rings or promise rings and marriage rings which represents your engagement and marriage respectively. Rings are being used as an ornament since the era of ancient Egyptians who firstly used rings in their weddings. These rings become a symbol of the relationship of two persons who are committed or married to each other and this binds the persons together and make them remember the person they have chosen to spend their whole life with. Most of the rings and specifically an engagement or wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand as it contains the vein which connects that finger to your heart. Therefore it is thought that it connects the two people by the bond of love. Rings, hence, holds a significant importance among the jewellery items.

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