Mar 3, 2011

Engagement Rings – Modern Innovations

Eternity rings is a very important cultural heritage. In almost all cultures it is given as a gift to either the husband or the wife or both to serve as a testimony of their love to each other as well as a precursor of their marriage. Without such sterling silver jewelry, a marriage would be incomplete. This is because as human beings, we have a deep affection for our tradition although we might not be aware of it.

However, to respect tradition does not mean that we should restrict ourselves in our creation. Instead, we should renovate our tradition when necessary to make it fit with our modern needs. After all, the society we are living in is drastically different from in the old days. And this is exactly what jewelry designers and manufactures are doing.

Today, an sterling silver jewelry is innovated in several ways. First, compared with that in the old days, the cost of such a jewelry piece is now much reduced. In the old days only the privileged class can afford to buy an expensive ring for the wedding occasion. Today, thanks to the development of jewelry manufacturing technologies, the cost of making a jewelry piece has been reduced and most common people can now afford to buy much jewelry in his or her life time.

Second, while traditionally only diamond is used to make marriage-related rings as it is the token of eternal love, today a lot of other materials, e.g. sapphire, topaz, gold, silver, etc., are being experimented with to manufacture marriage-related jewelry pieces. They not only make the jewelry market more dynamic but also can cater to different artistic tastes of different buyers.

Third, today engagement rings are offered in a variety of styles and shapes. Not only is the bracket designed in different ways, but also the arrangement and number of the gemstones. Some have one gemstone in the middle; some have more than one along the side. Some are made into the shape of a flower; some have simply a round shape. And men’s rings are designed in different ways from women’s. All these modern innovations make a relationship more colorful and delightful.

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