Aug 30, 2011

Home Cleaning Tips for Your Sterling Silver

With whatever dress you wear, whether it is a simple jeans and shirt, or a super elegant long gown, wearing a sterling silver jewelry can definitely add up to your style. This is one of the reasons why people have it as their favorite kind of jewelry. However, you cannot avoid this jewelry to get tarnishes, especially if you do not store it properly. When this happens, your precious jewelries will get ugly and you don’t want to use it on this state. Well, during these situations, the best thing to do is just clean it with the proper cleaner and you can restore it to its normal shine. Whether it is your silver bracelets or your sterling silver earrings, you can easily clean it.

Generally, tarnish on sterling silver jewelries occurs when the metal in it oxidizes. Due to this, you will see that your jewelries are changing color. From its shiny silver color, you will notice that it is turning yellowish to brown. This can be an ugly sight, seeing your dear jewelries lose its shine. However, this can easily be prevented and restore with proper cleaning of these jewelries with the use of the proper cleaning material.

One of the most common sterling silver cleaner is the ultrasonic cleaner. You can easily buy it on jewelry stores or on the local market. By simply dipping your tarnished jewelries in a small amount of this solution, you will see that your sterling silver jewelries are as good as new afterwards. However, careful use of this product is necessary for it can cause poisoning once ingested.

Aside from ultrasonic cleaners, there are also liquid tarnish removers available locally. With just a cheap price, you can now clean your tarnish jewelries easily. Just follow on the direction provided by its manufacturer very carefully and you will be cleaning your jewelries in no time. However, this kind of solution is not advisable if your jewelries have stones or gems for it can cause damage on it. Be sure that you read the manual carefully before cleaning your jewelries using it.

If you want to save money from buying silver cleaners, you still have an option to use alternative jewelry cleaners that can be found in your home. By just using a tin foil and a mixture of hot water and baking soda, you can now clean your tarnished jewelries. This is considered to be the cheapest and the easiest way to clean your tarnished sterling silver jewelries.

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