Feb 2, 2011


Jewelry is made from precious metals like gold jewelry, titanium jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, cubic zirconia jewelry and some other alloys. Diamonds, crystals, stones, gems and synthetic gemstones are integral parts of jewelry. The most common ornaments are bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings etc. Its use can be found in almost all cultures in the world. This article focuses on three major components of jewelry as follows:

The set of jewelry can never be complete without earrings. They come in construction from simple and cheap materials like sterling silver to extremely costly materials like platinum and gold. There are various designs and styles from metallic- only to combinations of metals and diamonds or stones. You can find them for each occasion like business life, daily life and different parties. Countless varieties are available for matching with any kind of skin, face, dress and hairstyle. Stud, hoop and chandelier design are very common.

Necklaces find their use from ancient times. It’s the most eminent part of jewelry set. Its designs have evolved over the time, and now in this era of modern technology, metals and diamonds or stones are precisely cut and assembled to produce necklaces of ultimate quality. Like other jewelry parts, it can be manufactured from gold, platinum or silver alloys and engraved with diamonds, stones or cubic zirconia. Combination of metals and stones can also be used. Its chain and pendant can be selected and purchased separately. The pendants can be customized with special message, important date, name or symbol particularly for gift purpose. They can be purchased from local malls or online stores.

Worn by men and women, a bracelet is an integral element of jewelry sets. Available in numerous design, styles and colors, their price depends upon material of construction, quality and number of gems or diamonds. You can find titanium, gold and silver bracelets on the market. They can complement your jewelry, dress and personality. They can be engraved bangles or twisted rings with hanging charms. Like pendants, charms can be customized and personalized from any local or online store with symbol, date or short message. Hundreds of brands can be scanned within a short time from online stores. Explore, select and purchase as per your needs.

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