Dec 21, 2010

Let’s know about Pearl jewelry

We all have used a pearl bracelet or earring, but how much do you know about Pearl? Pearl – the gem of the moon, mostly found in white color it is used to enhance Moon’s powers. Pearls are one of the most beautiful things known to the man. Pearls are produced by mussels and oysters, but it is found that not all of them produce pearls after drivers pulled out mussels any oysters and checked them for pearls but after that search it was clear that not all mussels and oysters have pearl in them.

The rarest pearls are the black pearls also known as Black Tahitian Pearls. Previously, pearls were found in many parts of the world, but now they are mainly found in seas of Bahrain. Although pearl is a very beautiful gem in its own sense but its importance and value are determined by its size, color, lack of any kind of flaw any symmetry in its surface and combination of luster in it. And luster is one of the most important characteristics of pearl. Pearl comes in various color & sizes. The color ranges from white, off- white, coral, black, etc. they can also be dyed to different color like blue, yellow, etc. and the sizes can vary are around, pear, button, drop, semi-round, oval and baroque. Perfectly round shaped pearls are the rarest and also most expensive. Though pearls are not as widely used as gold or silver jewelry and that’s make it even more appealing.

Today we use the pearl for jewelry. It has some qualities to enhance the skin, thus it is used for making cosmetics. Using pearl in jewelry, different qualities are looked for such as luster, size, color & lack of flaw on the surface. Out of all this, luster is of most important factor in deciding the value of pearl. We can use these pearls to make beautiful pearl earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Pearl earrings are among the greatly desired earrings. Its length may vary as per the buyer’s liking. Unlike other necklaces, pearl necklaces are named after the way they are worn on the neck. A collar doesn’t hang from the neck at all while princess length comes just down the collarbone. Matinee length may come falling just above the breast. Now it’s up to you who one you like to choose?

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