May 10, 2010

Cubic zirconia jewelryand it’s advantages

CZ Jewelry
It is no longer the same time when only diamond jewelry was considered to be the best. Now even the cubic zirconia jewelry is well liked by most of us. This is because it has a number of advantages over the diamond jewelry. This is the reason why they have become so famous ad even the designers are now so much moving towards these items.

The first and the prime advantage that they have over the diamond jewelry is the cost. The cost of the Cz jewelry is one tenth of the cost of the diamond jewelry. This is because it is made in the labs and as a result is not rare as diamond. His is the prime reason why it has become so famous. Anyone can afford it and many people even have a whole collection of the Cz jewelry. The next thing that matters here is that you pay only one tenth of the cost but there is no less shine and sparkle. In fact the sparkle of the cubic zirconia jewelry is more than that of diamond. This is because it has a higher reflective index and therefore reflects light more brilliantly.
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
Another major advantage that it offers is in the design. With diamond you will not be able to find many styles and colors. This is because it is very hard and is therefore difficult to cut and shape. Also as it occurs naturally there are not many options in colors as well. But with the Cz jewelry you will not face this problem. It is very easy to cut and as a result you will get any design and shape that you want. You can also get any color as the crystal is colorless and can be imparted any color. One major problem with jewelry that parents face is that their young kids demand for the expensive diamond jewelry. But you feel that it is unsafe and they might lose it. For them as well you can get the cubic zirconia jewelry and even if they lose it you will not have to worry a lot. You can simply get your daughter the Cz accessories and she will be really happy to won them. on the other side you will be sure that you do not risk a heavy loss.

The best thing that most of the people love about them is that no one can ever tell that it is not diamond. If you do not want any one to know, you can simply be quiet and let everyone else see. In fact even a jeweler will not be able to make out the difference with his naked eyes.

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